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Bajirao Mastani Tamil Movie Download in 1080p and 720p HD - High Quality Audio

featuring a musical score [sanchit balhara], splendidly shot cinematography, a flawlessly written script and a spectacular rendering of drama, music and patriotism, the film is a gorgeous reminder of how such period films should be made. bajirao mastani is a breath-taking extravaganza that is a visual, heart-wrenching and breathtaking treat to watch.

bajirao mastani movie download 1080p hd

one of the best musicals is bajirao mastani. the performances are very good and ranveer singh is especially brilliant. he has won the hearts of the audience with his genuine acting. his screen presence is mesmerizing and the story is an absorbing one.

i do not know whether "now you see me" is just one of the top 10 farcical quotes in world history. it is rather a new phenomenon. however, if it is quoted here, then it might be a better excuse to revise your knowledge of the film. a great quote that is worth thinking about is: "you asked her why me? well, since you find me ugly, i would want to do the same to you in return." r.s.

the movie was well directed with good cinematography. just as india is a country with so many surprises, so is bajirao mastani: its plot has so many twists and turns, its characters have such original and unique characters and its suspense is built up to a level of tension that keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout.

ranveer singh and priyanka chopra jonas of course deliver their best in what is, by far, their best performance together till date. deepika padukone gives a fresh, spontaneous and natural performance as the young mastani, and she is excellent in every scene. the only weak spot is sanjay dutt, who plays a role that is entirely different to what he is traditionally known for, and he makes a valiant effort. the other performances are fine, too. manoj pahwa is a watchable aamir. abhijit vaghani is an exceptional villain that is a treat to watch. the best part is undoubtedly the music. composer vishal-shekhar have composed some wonderful tunes that are a real treat to the ears and that suit the film perfectly. moreover, some of the soundtracks are of such memorable tunes and those who love the hindi film music will have a blast listening to the brilliant soundtracks. on the whole, if bajirao mastani is only about ranveer and priyanka, then it would have been a good film. but it is about so much more than that. it is about love, friendship, loss, revenge, triumph, fear, betrayal and happiness. bajirao mastani is so much more than a love story and it is a beautifully built story of a region and of a nation. (read more below)


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