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Where To Buy Amish Furniture =LINK=

Why add American made Amish solid wood furniture to your home? Simple, 100% of our furniture is handcrafted in the United States utilizing old world techniques, when furniture was built to last for generations. All of our pieces are heirloom quality furniture and are built in Amish shops from Indiana and Ohio. Made in USA, while supporting Amish Heritage and old world traditions. We have been in business since 1999 and offer the best customer service and furniture available from our craftsman to your home. Why settle for furniture which doesn't fit or match your decor? We can custom build your Amish Furniture to match your homes woods, stain colors and sizes.

where to buy amish furniture

Online Amish Furniture offers solid American wood furniture that turns your house into a home. Our online furniture range includes from mission style furniture to formal styles. We offer occasional furniture like Amish hutches, buffets, sideboards, beds, chairs, tables, bar stools, end table, TV stands, sofas and a lot more.

Visit one of our destination showrooms for hands-on experience with our Amish andAmerican made, solid wood furniture. Our friendly furniture specialists and interiordecorations will help you design your furniture in the style you love with the wood, finishand upholstery options just right for you.

See our heirloom quality Amish furniturefor yourself through our up-close-and-personal videos. From customer reviewsto product highlights to How Tos, ourvideos give you a better view of ourAmerican made furniture.

Learn about the Amish, furniturecollections, wood types and finishes, andmuch more. The Learning Center is yourhome for design ideas, style tips, andbuying guides, all in one place. Start yourshopping experience here.

Amish Furniture Factory is a leading online provider of heirloom quality Amish made furniture. On our site, you will find one of the largest and most eclectic selections of Amish made furniture, including Amish dining tables, chairs, and beds. Our furniture is built by Amish craftsmen in Northern Indiana. We evaluated furniture from all parts of the country, and decided on partnering the builders in this region due to the noticeable difference in quality.

Our furniture is loved across the country because of its unmatched beauty and quality. The beauty and quality of our furniture has much to do with the Amish way of life. The Amish believe in preserving a lifestyle that is based on a close relationship with nature. Through this relationship, the Amish tradition has developed and retained skills that are rare in today's technologically dominant culture.

The Amish work the earth with rudimentary farm implements to grow food, and raise animals without sophisticated machines. Electricity is used rarely, if at all. Heat is generated from wood or coal burning stoves, and air conditioning, well, runs on electricity. The iconic horse and buggy is used for transportation, and modern communication methods are scarcely used. By trading in technology for manual labor, the Amish have become masters at using their hands to achieve many forms of production, which is why building handcrafted furniture and Amish craftsmen are a perfect blend for creating beautiful, heirloom quality furniture.

Out furniture is built by master craftsmen who have decades of experience. Their skill is the result of years of dedication that slowly transforms itself into a highly refined and mastered art. This skill is a result not only of time, but true talent and a passion for the craft. Each piece of furniture that is built by Amish craftsmen is a unique and one of a kind. There is a pride in owning a one of a kind piece of art that is not only pleasing to look at, but has a practical use that will serve for generations. This furniture never becomes outdated, and after decades can be given multiple breaths of life through a refinishing process that many local shops can handle.

Amish craftsmen combine their skill and passion with building techniques that have been proven superior for centuries. x"Old World" building techniques have been passed down and taught to today's craftsmen by previous generations of craftsmen. Craftsmen use their skill to capitalize on these techniques to maximize the structural integrity of the furniture, and in some cases enhance the look of the furniture, depending on the style. The strength that these techniques deliver gives Amish-built furniture the durability to last through generations of use. Different types of building techniques are employed for different types of furniture, but a few techniques are central to the design and construction of our furniture.

The mortise and tenon joint is the backbone for the structural strength of most of our furniture pieces. A mortise and tenon joint works much like Lego pieces going together, where on outward piece fits very tightly into a socket before being further secured by special wood glues and concealed nails. The concept of male and female parts interlocking like the mortise and tenon joint is found in other construction techniques as well. The popular dovetailed drawer has entire edges lined with tightly interlocking tails that fit into cut outs that mirrors the shape of the tail. These series of interlocking parts, especially once secured with glue and nails is supremely strong and durable. The mortise and tenon joint, as well as the dovetail joint are just two examples of two highly effective Old World building techniques employed by Amish craftsmen.

We offer several of the most popular furniture styles across the many types of furniture in our line. The most popular style we carry is the Mission furniture, but Shaker furniture, Traditional, and Contemporary styles don't follow too far behind. We even carry a small but growing line of outdoor and rustic furniture made from yellow pine.

Mission furniture, Shaker furniture, Traditional, Contemporary, and Rustic furniture all have a specific look associated with them. The look of these styles is derived from the shapes and angles of the lines that make up the furniture piece. Mission furniture is associated with ninety degree angles and straight lines. A builder might say Mission furniture can be built solely with a planer. The lines of Mission furniture have a simple, clean look with elegance and timelessness. Shaker furniture, on the contrary, is also simple and elegant, but incorporates more curves and tapers. Many Contemporary pieces will incorporate the smooth, sleek lines of Shaker with the sharp, sleek lines of Mission furniture.

You will notice that the different styles blend and blur. The blurred style forms are a result of designers expressing his or her interpretation of the style, or blending two or more styles into a hybrid. Often times, for example, you might see a dining room table with shaker legs and a mission top and edges. A common misconception of Amish made furniture is that it's traditional and old looking. The building techniques used for Amish furniture are old, but today's styles are just as eclectic and diverse as any. Regardless, each furniture style has its own feel and personality that is a result of the sum of all its lines.

We spent countless hours ensuring our site would be easy for customers to navigate and shop. The Shop by Type, Shop by Area, and Shop by Style menu section at the top left of the page is the entrance to our entire online furniture catalog. Under the Shop by Type menu you will find our Amish tables, chairs, beds, TV stands, cabinets, chests, dressers, and bookcase categories.

The Shop by Type category is a perfect way to learn about the different types of furniture we sell.Shop by Area is another popular way to shop that allows you to find furniture by the room, or area in and around the home. For popular areas inside the home shop for Amish dining furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, and living room furniture. Or shop by some of our areas such as Outdoor, Lawn and Garden, Rustic Cabin and Lodge, and kids furniture in the Kid's and Play room.

No matter what type, style, or area of the room for which you are shopping for furniture, we think we can help you. If you don't see what you are looking for, we may be able to customize a piece for you, or source it from our large network of Amish builders.

Occasional tables can be the perfect storage solution for a small living room, or help create a stunning style statement for others. These essential pieces of living room furniture are great to highlight décor.

Since opening our doors in August of 1999 Amish Direct Furniture has exclusively carried authentic Amish country furniture. All of our furniture is truly made by the Amish using only the highest quality lumber that possesses a natural beauty all on its own. Shop our huge online collection of Amish furniture or stop in our showroom and see our quality in person!

We believe that shopping for furniture should be modern and accessible - order it online, personalize every detail, and have it delivered to your home or business. Our handcrafted, solid wood furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of our customers, providing a high-quality product that will be enjoyed for generations.

We utilize knowledge passed down through generations of our Amish woodworkers at every stage of the furniture build, from the shaping to the mortise and tenon joinery. We then finesse each piece by hand with meticulous sanding, staining, and application of catalyzed conversion varnish. Our Amish-built furniture is then inspected to ensure it reflects the highest caliber of woodworking.

We offer a wide variety of Poly furniture handmade in the US. Our attractive, high quality outdoor furniture is hand-crafted by Amish craftsmen: Adirondack chairs, recliners, gliders, rockers, benches, tables, and more. Our Poly furniture is made from premium grade recycled plastics and assembled with marine grade stainless steel fasteners.

Uniquely Beautiful, Solid Wood Furniture that Withstands the Test of Time. We offer high quality, custom made Amish furniture produced in the United States using quality materials known for their tremendous strength and durability. Each piece is made-to-order in your choice of wood and stain color. We deliver across the country. 041b061a72


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