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The majority of AO-rated games are adult video games, typically those with pornographic or strong sexual content. Three games have been given the rating solely due to extreme levels of violence: the canceled Thrill Kill (1998), the initial cut of Manhunt 2 (2007), and Hatred (2015). The only game to receive the rating for other reasons is Peak Entertainment Casinos (2003), which allows players to gamble using real money. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) was temporarily re-rated from M ("Mature") to AO after a sexually-explicit minigame was found hidden in the game, but the M rating was reinstated after Rockstar Games patched out the content.

Reaction of mature bone and its vasculature to 3.33 +/- 0.19 microm polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) particles at a concentration of 2.5 x 10(8)/cc was measured using optical bone chamber implant intravital microscopy. Twelve adult female New Zealand White rabbits were divided into six receiving Healon alone (controls) and six receiving Healon plus PMMA. The particles were introduced to the bone chamber compartment after removing its overlying optical element, which was immediately reinstalled. Reaction was monitored weekly over a 6-week period using video and photographic imaging. Bone was labeled before treatment with oxytetracycline and after treatment with alizarin complexone. Perfusing blood was labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate dextran-70 kDa (FITC-D70). Parameters measured were net bone resorption, from black and white images, bone turnover, from color images, vascularity, and average vessel caliber. Neither bone turnover nor vessel caliber were significantly affected at the p

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Medical Professionals Guide - helps medical professionals discuss driving safety with older adult patients and provide referrals to allow them to drive safely as long as possible. Topics include:

Family Members/Caregivers Guide - help navigating road user safety with older adults by providing ice breakers, tips, tools, and resources to help start the conversation. Topics include:

Counseling competency is defined as the ability to help individual persons recognize and understand personal needs, values, problems, alternatives, and goals (Reynolds, 1993). A competency is a cluster of knowledges, understandings, skills, attitudes, values, and interests that are required for the performance of a function. In this case the function would be to be competent in counseling adult learners.

Maturing carries with it the ideas of refinement, improvement, finesse, flawlessness, being without reproach, and polish. This comes from being perfected over time or natural growth as reaching near impeccability. Applying counseling competency within the field of adult education focuses on helping the adult mature and look toward the future in every aspect of life. 041b061a72


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