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Buy Used Cars Australia

If a used car changes hands, the registration must be transferred within 14 days after getting the car and there are fees you will need to pay when you transfer registration. Find out how to transfer the registration into your name when you buy a used vehicle.

buy used cars australia


When you buy a Volvo Selekt car, you are getting more than a great used vehicle. You are getting our commitment to your peace of mind. We accept only the best used Volvos, and we make them even better with our signature quality and safety.

Buying a used car from a dealership gives you guaranteed title and a statutory warranty on cars under 10 years old or 160,000km (and below the NSW luxury car tax threshold.) This warranty is valid for three months or 5,000km from date of purchase and covers items relating to safety, reliability and roadworthiness.

You may save money at an auction, but you must do your homework. Set a price and don't go over it. Ex-government and fleet cars are often good value and have usually been regularly maintained but they might not have been driven as carefully as privately owned cars.

Used-car crash safety information, including car safety ratings, is available on the Australian New Car Assessment Program website.Buying a used car always carries some risks. If you're concerned you can always reach out to our motoring advice team on 13 11 22.

With the market becoming more competitive online every year, new car buying sites are entering the market and offering a better experience for buyers and sellers. Many of these websites offer not only cars but caravans, boats, trucks and motorcycles as well.

Est. repayment: ** This weekly repayment estimate is provided by Stratton Finance Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence: 364340. ("Stratton"). Stratton is a finance broker. This repayment is calculated with an interest rate of 4.95% p.a. over a term of 60 months with a 0% residual / balloon payment. Other residual / balloon amounts are available. The vehicle price shown may not include other additional costs such as stamp duty, government fees and other charges payable in relation to the vehicle. In order to provide this estimate, Stratton are required to make several eligibility assumptions, including property ownership. To comply with regulations, consideration may be given for credit score and loan to value ratio (LVR), this estimate has been calculated with an LVR of 89%. This estimate is based on several assumptions outlined above and should be used for information purposes only and is not an offer of finance on particular terms. Credit fees, service fees and charges may apply. Credit to approved applicants only. A quote, details of all fees and charges may be obtained by contacting Stratton via or calling 1300 STRATTON (1300 787 288).

Car brokers specialise in helping car buyers source and buy cars. They typically offer services such as finding a particular used car model to fit a budget, getting the lowest price on a new car, or negotiating with a used car seller on behalf of a client that already located the car by themselves.

As the popularity of the Internet increased, the first pure online car brokers appeared around 2003. These car brokers are typified by the lack of a dealer's license, and only dealing in new cars. This minimises the labour component of the business and allows a high level of automation.In spite of car brokers having been in existence for decades, general public awareness of them in Australia is relatively limited.

Some car brokers can help source used cars as well as new ones. In many of these cases, the car broker will buy the car and then sell it to their client. Used car brokers are generally licensed. The reasons for having a dealer's license are:

By working out the features you need, you can narrow down the type of vehicles you'll want to compare. Once you've identified a shortlist of potential cars, you'll want to research them further, by checking out their specs and reading car reviews.

For the cars arriving in the new year, it comes down to cars having two plates. A build plate shows the VIN and the year and month of manufacture, whereas the compliance plate shows when the car was approved for sale. Due to the delay of cars being shipped to Australia from overseas, there can be a stark difference between these two dates. Find out the build date of the car and compare it to the compliance date; salespeople are more willing to negotiate prices on "brand new" cars that were built a while ago.

When new cars are released, buyers often run out to get the latest and greatest. Salespeople won't budge too much on these prices because they know the new models will move quickly. After this initial "rush" demand has been met, upgraded models start arriving and can cost the same price as the original model. Because of this, you can negotiate a lower price for the original model than you would've paid when it was first released.

It only applies to cars purchased under linked finance. This is when the financing is provided or facilitated by the car dealer. For example, if they either offer a loan themselves or refer you to a third party.

After a hairy 31 months of plummeting sales, we want to buy cars again. Pent-up demand combined with low supply has pushed prices of used cars higher than they have ever been. Is it better to buy a new or a used car? Is it cheaper to insure a new or a used car? We investigate.

Sales of used cars have surged, as people reject public or other shared transport because of health concerns. Meanwhile, lack of trade-ins or newer cars coming into the used market has created a distinct shortage of good, used cars.

People are starting to buy new cars now. October 2020 was the 31st month of decline, the longest since the GFC. Every month last year was a record low, especially May and August, which were the worst in 23 years. Car dealers are still not receiving the volume of cars they need because Covid stopped production and shipping.

Utes appeared three times in the top six highest sales in October. In general, new car buyers want Utes or SUVs to make their domestic holidays more fun. Meanwhile, those with spare cash are buying luxury cars with money they would have spent on an overseas trip.

Some commentators say Covid has completely reversed trends against car ownership. They anticipate a big swing back. Cars offer a safe haven and now people want to buy new cars, good used cars, or dress up the ones they already have. For instance, sales of seat covers, roof racks, replacement radios, stereos and, in particular, dashcams, have been vigorous.

Buying new cars, used cars or car accessories is certainly one way to redirect spending of $63 billion that would have gone on overseas or domestic travel. This time, car manufacturers and accessory makers are the winners.

Before rushing out to haggle over your next vehicle, ask yourself some crucial questions. Do I know exactly what I want? What am I prepared to pay for it? When is the best month to buy a car? How much negotiating room is there on a new car, and how much can I expect a dealership to come down in price on a used car? What basic negotiating rules should I be aware of when discussing price with a car seller?

Manufacturers have not been able to build enough new vehicles to keep up with demand. Some of those buyers who wanted a new car paid above the odds to skip lengthy waitlists by buying a near-new one, often with less than 100km on the odometer. The added pressure on the used car market flowed from top to bottom, increasing prices.

Data provided by Moody's Analytics from September shows used car prices eased for four months in a row, mimicking an anecdotal trend that shows advertised prices on many popular models are easing across websites such as Carsales.

"We've seen quite significant falls in the past couple of months, which is a positive sign for the used car market," she says, pointing to improvements in supply chains that is helping wait lists shorten for many popular new cars.

Toyota Australia senior vice president of sales, marketing and franchise operations Sean Hanley says there are shortages of some materials - including semiconductors, or microchips - that is constricting the production of new cars.

Hanley says unprecedented new car demand has been extending wait lists, something that has some dealers registering new cars to then sell them almost immediately as a used vehicle with a higher price tag.

"Households are under a lot of pressure at the moment in terms of dealing with elevated inflation, higher borrowing costs from the RBA rate heights. As those pressures continue to materialise we will expect to see that the demand environment will soften so households won't be out purchasing as many new cars as they were this time last year, so that's also going to have flow-on impacts to weaker demand for used vehicles."

You have to pay VAT on all used and new cars imported from Great Britain. Ifyou buy a car in Northern Ireland, you only have to pay VAT in Ireland on newcars. An extra VAT charge could apply if the vehicle was not properly importedfrom Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

When purchasing a vehicle abroad, you should not purchase a vehicle youintend to import to Ireland unless you can get its accompanying foreignregistration documents. You should not return a vehicle's registrationdocuments in full to other States before registration in Ireland is complete.If you do not present the relevant Foreign Registration Certificate,registration will be refused.

You must register the car and pay the VRT at a National Car Testing Service(NCTS) centre. The inspector examines your car to make sure that you are payingthe correct VRT. In the case of cars and small vans, the amount of VRT payableis based on a percentage of the recommended retail price, which includes alltaxes. This price is known as the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP). You can getan estimate of the VRT due from the Revenue VehicleRegistration Online Enquiry System. 041b061a72


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