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The Lost Tape English Dubbed Watch Online

Pingu is one of the most popular stop-motion series of the 90s and 2000s. The show is famous for its use of 'Penguinese', a grammelot fictional language spoken by the characters that gives the series much of its unique charm. Despite this, it was used as the basis for a series of English-language training tapes released throughout 2000 via direct-to-video and again in 2002, only in South Korea. Only the first season was dubbed, and the result is infamous for its ironically poor grammar and voice acting.

The Lost Tape English Dubbed Watch Online


Nearly all of the volumes were available online via Youtube, albeit in low quality[1]. The only volume that is lost is Volume 3, which contains the rest of the episodes from Season 1 and has yet to surface online in any form as of now. On September 2nd, 2022, an image of the physical third tape was discovered on the internet. In October 2022, the youtube links were blocked by Mattel. However, they were uploaded to the internet archive a couple weeks before.

As of 2018, none of the English dubbed episodes cannot be found on websites like YouTube, Dailymotion or Archive. Although, the dub can be found on websites like eBay [3] and Amazon.[4] Its worth-noting that YouTuber ThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings[5] uploaded the opening and closings of the VHS releases of Bumpety Boo including "Bumpety Boo is Born" and "The Desert Adventure". However, the German dub was based on this dub and Haim Saban and Shuki Levi score was left intact. Also, some of the German dubbed episodes can be found on YouTube making it the closest way to watch the English version of the show.

On August 23rd, 2019, YouTuber Grant Heyman uploaded the full English dubbed VHS tape of Bumpety Boo: The Rad Mobile. On May 11th, 2020, YouTuber Alex Fitzer is planning to upload the full English VHS tape of "Bumpety Boo: Bumpety Boo is Born" sometime in the future.[6] On August 1st, 2020, the full VHS tape of "Bumpety Boo is Born" was uploaded on YouTube by CasterRetro albeit in very rough shape viasually due to the age of the tape.

Comrade Detective is an American buddy cop series created by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. The show follows the premise of popular US action/cop-buddy films and television shows from the 1980s and presents the episodes as a fictional lost Romanian television show commissioned by the Communist Party to promote a communist worldview during the Cold War. Every episode was filmed in Romania using local actors and then dubbed into English as part of the effect.[1] It was released on Amazon Prime Video on August 4, 2017.

In Israel, the series was dubbed into Hebrew as "תומס הקטר" (Tomas haKatar, "Thomas the Locomotive") and was later reintroduced as "תומס הקטר וחברים" (Tomas haKatar vaH̱averim, "Thomas the Locomotive and Friends"). However, the series has still been aired as "תומס הקטר" on certain channels. The first five series aired on the Hop! Channel in 2000, the eighth to fourteenth series aired on the Israeli Educational TV and the fifteenth, seventeenth, twentieth, twenty second and twenty third series have aired on Hop!. The twenty fourth series aired on the online streaming service BIGI. Each series was narrated by Simcha Barbiro, Ron Druyan, Dan Schatzberg and Doriel Zohar respectively. When the Israeli JimJam channel began offering optional dubbed versions of its content for a limited time, Nir Ron narrated a different dub of the first to eleventh series.


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