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Until 1644, when onnagata actors were required to adopt male hairstyles regardless of the gender they were portraying, actors playing characters such as female warriors capitalized on the interest in the futanari quality, which was common in both samurai and commoner society.[1]


Originally, the Japanese language referred to any character or real person that possessed masculine and feminine traits as futanari.[citation needed] This changed in the 1990s, as drawn futanari characters became more popular in anime and manga. Today, the term commonly refers to fictional (drawn) female or female-looking hermaphrodite characters. Futanari is also used as the term for a specific genre within hentai-related media (pornographic anime or manga) that depicts such characters.[3][4]

American transgender pornography that was introduced to Japan influenced the earliest futanari works, which were drawn by artists including Kitamimaki Kei.[5] In the late 1980s, editor Yōichi Terada collected futanari dōjinshi in published anthologies such as Shemale Collection.[5] Futanari manga became popular in the 1990s and quickly became a part of the industry, cross-pollinating with multiple genres.[6] Toshiki Yui's Hot Tails has been described as the best-known example of the genre in the West.[6]

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