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Bandicam Not Opening

If your computer freezes when you have clicked the Bandicam icon, try Bandicam 2.3.1. If Bandicam freezes at the User Account Control window, press "Windows Key + R" -> type "msconfig" -> Boot -> Advanced options... -> and uncheck the Debug option.If you still have problems, download and send your installed program list to

Bandicam not opening

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Active wax valves belong to a class of phase change-based valves that are actuated by heat [14] and can be combined with other external actuators, like a magnetic field [14,19]. Adding ferrofluid to the wax reduces the melting point of the wax [14,19] which helps in the phase-change process. The ferroparticles enhance the absorption of the incident light, facilitating faster actuation of the valve. However, most of the existing designs of such valves [14] only enable one-time action and do not allow repeated opening and closing. Following is the advantages of our design over previously reported designs [14]:

(a) Normally closed configuration of the capillary wax valve. It can be switched to open mode by melting the wax plug blocking the channel (using a laser) and spinning the disc to flow the molten wax plug downstream, clearing the channel to open the fluidic channel. (b) The switch from normally open to closed configuration is achieved by melting the ferrowax in the wax chamber using a laser. Under the action of the capillary force, the molten wax flows into the valving channel and seals it, thus switching the valve from normally open to closed configuration. With enough wax in the wax chamber, this process is repeatable. (c) Normally closed configuration of the magnetic wax valve. It can be switched to open by melting the wax plug blocking the channel and the wax reservoir (laser/heating) and moving the wax with the magnet out of the channel, clearing the channel and opening the valve from normally closed to open configuration. (d) The switch from normally open to closed configuration (magnet wax valve) is achieved by melting the ferrowax in the wax chamber (using laser) and moving the wax with the magnet into the channel. This reversibly changes the configuration from normally open to closed configuration. Yellow arrows show the direction of the magnetic force.

(a) Layers of the wax valve: the top layer of this assembly consists of a single-sided adhesive sheet that contains the openings for vent holes, alignment holes, and openings for loading the wax in the wax chamber; the bottom layer is an acrylic layer machined, according to the valve 3-D model, to provide for the upstream chamber, the wax inlet chamber, the fluidic channel, and the downstream chamber. (b) The layers are pressed together using a roller (Akiro, B07YDNKSH6) to activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive that binds the layers together. Top diagram also defines the valve convergence angle, which is the angle between the perpendicular to the valving channel and the inclined side of the wax chamber. (c) Cross-sectional view of the valve showing the wicking path of the wax. (d) Wax is deposited as a solid pellet through the opening in the adhesive layer (left). After heating, the molten wax under the influence of capillary force (yellow arrows) flows into the fluidic channel and blocks the fluidic path (right). Red circles and rectangles indicate the openings in the top layer. Larger red circles denote the alignment holes.

Instead of depositing a solid piece of wax, it is also possible to place molten wax into the wax reservoir by using a heated Hamilton syringe. This is illustrated in Figure 2a. The molten wax is displaced from the syringe into the wax reservoir through the opening in the film above the wax reservoir. Similar to the technique described above, the molten wax, under the influence of the capillary force, flows into the fluidic channel and the fluidic channel closes when the wax cools down and solidifies. This molten wax deposition technique and flow of the wax towards the fluid channel with subsequent blocking of the channel is presented in Figure 4 and Supplementary Video S2.

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I used bandicam as an ASL interpreter student and needed to record and save my work before my student access on the school platform ended. I was able to select the size of screen I wanted with ease and record/save fairly long videos with good quality. I then used those videos to create on online profile and display my work.

I am playing Minecraft 1.7.4 and just registered the full version of Bandicam. Everything was fine until I noticed my FPS had dropped from an average of 200 to never going above 60. I noticed Bandicam was still open so I switched it off and reset Minecraft but the FPS still averages 55 to 60 even on other worlds and servers. I also tried restarting my computer and opening the game but that didn't do anything. How can I fix this FPS problem?


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