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Buy Wall Stickers

Also known as wall decals, wall stickers are often seen as an easy way to improve the look of your surroundings. They have been around for many decades and are often used for home dcor as well for commercial purposes.

buy wall stickers

There are various types of wall stickers available online today. Especially on Myntra, you have a wide range of styles and themes to pick from, as per your preference. To give you a clearer picture of the variety of wall decor stickers on the platform, here are some of the popular options you can find on the platform.

In order to add a visual spark to your houses wall, Myntra features a wide range of wall stickers that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for wall stickers for bedrooms or ones with the detailing of wall paintings, you can find what you desire on the platform.

Apart from wall stickers, there are many other accessories that you can explore, such as fountains, showpieces, windchimes and much more. In addition to the amazing product lineup, you can even avail some amazing benefits from the Myntra Insider program. So, go ahead and sign up right now to experience online shopping at its best on Myntra.

\r\n While on the outside decals and stickers may look alike, the way to install each one is different. Decals are applied to walls using transfer films whereas, basic wall stickers can just be peeled off and stuck to the wall. Decals may, therefore, need proper installation by a professional.

The most common use of Decals and Stickers is as home decor additions. Just like wall paintings, wall stickers can take a boring wall and transform it into an interesting one. And if properly matched with showpieces and other decor items, it can make a cohesive palette for the eyes, creating the illusion of space and symmetry.

While on the outside decals and stickers may look alike, the way to install each one is different. Decals are applied to walls using transfer films whereas, basic wall stickers can just be peeled off and stuck to the wall. Decals may, therefore, need proper installation by a professional.

A great feature of these life-size wall stickers is that you can move them around without damaging the sticker or the wall. They will easily peel off the wall and stick someplace else because of the special backing. If your child has grown and is tired of looking at a younger version of himself, peel it off and place a new sticker in its place easily. Our customized giant stickers for walls are also very easy to install by yourself. If you have ever tried to put a really large sticker on a wall, you know that it can be frustrating when it does not stick quite right or leaves a bubble in the middle. That does not happen with our photo cut-out stickers. If the sticker does not look perfectly aligned to you, you can always peel it off and start over again. With two material options available, Reusable or Removable, Sticker Genius has what you need out of your Wall Cutout.

Sticker Genius did a SUPERB job on my custom life size wall sticker of a well known historical figure we study. It is quality material, cut out well and it looks fabulous on my classroom wall. It can be removed easily too. I am going to get another one soon.

Perfect for lending your walls a little dressing up without leaving much of a mark, wall decals like this lend a bright touch to any room! Crafted in the USA from vinyl, this 10-piece sticker displays peonies and vines in a black and white color scheme. Perfect for a botanical touch, this piece is transparent and non-damaging, so it lets your walls stay exactly as they are. And since it's removable (just peel it off), it's easy to reuse, making it a great option for renters.

Update a space with this String of Pearls Vine Wall Decal. Simply peel and stick to any smooth, flat surface for instant results. Remove, reposition and reuse as often as needed. No sticky residue is left behind. Walls stay clean every time. Add personality to your walls today with this wall decal.

Give to your rooms a gorgeous decoration with our Delicate Watercolour Flowers stickers set! This graceful design is excellent for adding some refresh and charm to any room with one easy touch. We design and produce all our wall stickers not only to be easy to apply but also to be flexible, so you can use it to windows, walls, drawers, staircase, furniture, cabinet, ceiling, door, appliances & many more flat surfaces. Endless Flexibility means that your imagination is the limit of creating decorations with our products in your own and unique way. Clean very well the surface you intend to apply the sticker on. This product is easy to apply and easily removable using hair dryer. Apply on painted surfaces at least 3 weeks after painting. If applied on wallpaper the sticker will NOT be REMOVABLE. Can be applied on laminated surfaces. Please note that every effort is made to the illustration of our items accurately, however the colour may differ slightly when the product is applied on the mirror (due to the sunlight) and wall colour surfaces but might cause damage when removed. With this product you can achieve a finishing size of approx. 150 x 190 cm, depending on your preferences. The package contains 6 sheets of 30 x 90 cm containing 46 stickers.

Choosing removable wall stickers can be a bit of a minefield. Will they fall off your wall? Will they tear your wall apart on removing them? Will they really look the same on your wall as they do in the pictures? And what about the health and environmental impact?

What you will get from The Wall Sticker Company are fabric wall decals and wallpapers that will stay up and look amazing for years and years. We use a matte fabric that will readily peel off without causing damage to your walls, and our beautiful designs can be reused over and over again. Our wall stickers and wallpapers are NOT vinyl so they are BPA and phthalate free, and our inks are water-based. The safest wall products you can buy!

The material we use for our fabric wall decals and wallpaper is a premium product. So you will pay a little more but we promise there will be no nasty surprises. Easily removable and not nearly as hard to put up as the traditional water and glue pasted products, our wallpaper stays up and looks beautiful for years and years.

If you want something geometric, check out our rainbow decals in squares, triangles, and circles. Or perhaps you want something that evokes the natural world. In that case, we have beautiful woodland and floral decal stickers featuring colorful blooms and relaxing trees. Many of these decals are small enough to add a minimal touch of wonder to one corner of the room. Others are large enough to turn a blank wall into a bold accent wall.

Playful wall stickers for your nursery create a feeling of whimsy and wonder for your child. We also have modern and subtle decal designs that can grow with your child into their older years. Many of our decal sets would look great in your own bedroom or any other room in the home, for that matter!

Logos are an important part of every business, and at StickerYou we know how important it is to make your unique logo stick! Our logo wall decals can be made into any solid color, size or shape with matte finish, meaning even the most intricately shaped logos can be easily made to fit any wall! Our durable vinyl removes glare and goes on smooth, so you can display your custom logo wall decal that always stands out wherever you want it to!

If you're looking to get a quote on some vinyl wall graphics, feel free to forward your artwork to Our customer experience team will get back to you with a free quote and digital proof of your custom wall stickers!

Vinyl wall lettering is super easy to customize, and is a modern edition to living or business spaces. Use vinyl wall lettering to customize and organize your kids room (playrooms or bedroom), or have your favorite inspirational quotes within eyesight in any living space. Vinyl lettering is a useful tool for any custom text or information you may need for your office space, such as hours of operation for offices and departments of specific personnel. Our wall letters are made with removable vinyl, so your surfaces are never damaged and remain residue free, and our lamination process makes it super easy for you to apply your custom wall letters anywhere.

I just ordered a variety of different stickers of my dog. They came out beautifully! And I will be ordering more, because I keep showing them off to my friends and family. The indoor wall decal is very high quality, and the product looks exactly as I intended. I can't thank StickerYou enough! 041b061a72


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