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A good marriage allows a man to productively focus his sexual energy on one woman. That way, he can concentrate his other creative energies to be successful in his career or business. I personally believe that the lack of a healthy and enduring marriage is one reason that so many Black males are not on par with other males (White, Asian or Latino) in terms of career, business or financial achievement.

The article by Chad Galts on the suicide of Rick Schomp was indeed an informative exploration of the stigma of depression. However, by focusing only on Schomp and William Styron, and by omitting other risk factors, Galts may lead your readers to incorrect conclusions about the epidemiology of depression. Although it is true that three fourths of suicides are males, women are diagnosed with major depressive episodes two to three times more often than men. Lifetime prevalence for women is well over 20 percent. There is some evidence that the prevalence of depression in men is rising, and men may well self-medicate or refuse treatment, as your article reveals. However, a major risk factor for depression remains being female, especially if the woman also has the primary responsibility for children under the age of five.

It is from the various characteristics exhibited under different aspects by the Negro race, that our conclusions must be drawn as to their capability and identity with the more favoured portion of mankind. The acquirements of a scholar, the conception of a poet, and the accomplishments of a gentleman, must be united in the individual that can signalize himself by earning a reputation in the highest walks of the drama, equal to that which the African Roscius has attained. And it is impossible to regard a man of colour, possessing a soul capable of appreciating, and endowment's equal to the representation of the immortal Shakespeare's great creations, and not sigh in serious contemplation over the wrongs of thousands of his race, treated by their paler brethren as mindless, heartless, soulless, feeling-less clay; bearing the corporeal impress of humanity, but cruelly and thoughtlessly denied its spiritual attributes! A moral lesson will present and even intrude itself with the simple facts, that as ebony may be polished, and coals emit sparks, so the swarthy race of Africa are as capable of cultivation as the fairest son of Albion.

Other religious references abound in the text. The most haunting is the image of a black crucifix. The priest carries a carved ebony cross with him to threaten Opaka's followers with the image of death. An ebony crucifix also decorates De Vega's apartment, foreshadowing his persecution and execution. A student of Opaka, he explains to Shadwin that even though the people of Bimini are immortal and death is banished, sorrow and sin remained. As a result of refusing to denounce Opaka and her beliefs, De Vega is put to death. Later, after Shadwin and Opaka mourn his death and declare their forbidden love for one another, Shadwin returns home. The sky has clouded over, but "a specter shape hung on the southern cross . . .[a] phantom crucifixion in the sky." The blackness of the crucifix portends emotional and spiritual death for Shadwin, rather than salvation.

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