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Adam Wood ((LINK))

The only known ships that use this type of wood are the Oro Jackson, which carried the legendary Roger Pirates, and the Thousand Sunny, which currently carries the Straw Hat Pirates. The wood is capable of withstanding cannonballs and gun fire quite easily, showing little wear over time.[1] However, even ships built out of this wood need a good shipwright to look after them, as it is not completely invincible.

adam wood


The Adam wood shelving unit by Kartell adds a geometric style to your modern home. The ladder-like structure features metal poles that mount to the wall securely with multiple sturdy shelves. Thanks to the spacious shelves, there is plenty of room for display opportunities. The timeless design fits in well in any setting, especially in living rooms and home offices. Quality construction ensures sustainability for years to come.

Designed by Philippe Starck and manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, the Adam wood shelving unit is available in three versions to accommodate individual needs. You can choose between multiple finishes. 041b061a72


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