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First Nightzip

Our tour begins just before sunset when you'll experience the first half of our Zipline tour and enjoy the sites as you familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. Where else can you experience zipping through the darkness? Only here at Coral Crater!

first nightzip

But there's plenty of adventure in Catalina Island by day, too. For a peaceful contrast to the chaos of the holiday season, take a leisurely kayak excursion through the island's scenic coves. Or, grab a group of friends and see who can first reach the top of the 32-foot, eight-route climbing wall, which offers spectacular views of the ocean. Or pile into an all-terrain H1 Hummer, which runs on recycled vegetable oil collected from local island restaurants, for a 4-hour tour of the island's rugged Cape Canyon, where you just might spot Catalina's bison.

This 5 Zipline tour is a perfect introduction to our full-canopy tour at a fraction of the cost! Begin by climbing the 70 ft. tower, then proceed through our first 5 Ziplines and end with a leisurely nature walk back across the island. Tour length is approximately 1.5 hours. Minimum weight required 75lbs, maximum weight 265 lbs.

Zip 1: Parallel Plunge: This dual line launches you and your friends with a whopping 490-foot long zip through the trees on the rim of the New River Gorge. This line offers your first glimpse of historic Thurmond, an old railroad town with rich history and legendary characters; it is the only surviving town in the Gorge. Great overlook here of the gorge, mountains and Thurmond.

Grab a helmet and harness, then stroll hand in hand down a tree-lined trail lit with soft fading sunlight. Clip into the first zipline and give your love a kiss before sailing over to the next bluff. Cruise across 9 different ziplines, reaching speeds up to 55 mph stretching up to a quarter of a mile long. 041b061a72


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