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  • Options for peak integration include:Automatic or user-specified integration window width

  • Graphically adjust width for individual peaks

  • Integrate from baseline or from y=0

  • Report quantities including height, area, percent area, centroid, FWHM, and left/right half widths

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Most analysis tools support recalculation of results upon changes to data. The green "lock" that you will see in result sheets and graph windows indicates that recalculation is set to "auto"; so, for instance, if you made changes to your input data, your linear regression analysis would update automatically. Left-click on the green lock to open the linear fit dialog, make adjustments to your analysis, then recalculate.

The dockable Project Explorer window lets you organize the contents of your Origin project with a flexible user-defined folder structure. Simply drag-and-drop windows and subfolders to rearrange. Right-click on one or more graphs and choose Add Shortcut to Favorites and collect shortcuts in a Favorites folder, allowing for efficient presentation and/or export of select graphs. Choose Project Explorer's extra large icons view for graphs, for easy identification.


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