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ACTICIDE MKB Product Information

ACTICIDE MKB is a water-based biocide that protects surface coatings, paints and similar products from fungal and algal growth. It is composed of three active ingredients: OIT, Zinc Pyrithione and Terbutryn. It uses a novel technology called THOR AMME to enhance the stability and efficacy of the biocide under various conditions. This article will provide some information about the product, its characteristics, its biocidal properties and its intended applications.

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Product Composition

ACTICIDE MKB contains three active ingredients that work synergistically to provide broad-spectrum anti-fungal and anti-algal activity. These are:

  • OIT (2-Octyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one): a fungicide that inhibits the growth of moulds and yeasts by interfering with their cell membrane function.

  • Zinc Pyrithione: a fungicide and algicide that disrupts the metabolism of fungi and algae by blocking their copper uptake.

  • Terbutryn (ISO): an algicide that inhibits the photosynthesis of algae by binding to their chloroplasts.

The product also contains other ingredients such as water, surfactants, stabilizers and preservatives. The product is a white to beige dispersion with a characteristic odour. The product has a pH of 7.0 8.0 and a solid content of 26.0 32.0%.

Product Characteristics

ACTICIDE MKB uses a novel technology called THOR AMME (Advanced Micro Matrix Encapsulation) to protect the active ingredients from degradation and leaching. THOR AMME is an organic encapsulation technology that forms a micro matrix around the active ingredients, shielding them from harmful effects of alkaline pH, nucleophilic agents, UV light and thermal decomposition. This technology also enhances the release of the active ingredients in response to microbial activity, ensuring long-term stability and efficacy of the biocide.

ACTICIDE MKB is compatible with most common binders, pigments and additives used in surface coatings and paints. It does not affect the colour, gloss, adhesion or drying properties of the finished products. It can be easily incorporated into the formulations by adding it as late as possible during production, preferably within a closed system. The recommended use level of ACTICIDE MKB is 2.5 15 g/kg.

Biocidal Properties

ACTICIDE MKB has a broad spectrum of anti-fungal and anti-algal activity that covers most common organisms that cause deterioration of surface coatings and paints. Some of these organisms are:


Alternaria alternataCandida albicansAnabaena cylindrica

Aspergillus nigerCryptococcus neoformansAphanizomenon flos-aquae

Aspergillus versicolorPichia anomalaAudouinella violacea

Aureobasidium pullulansRhodotorula rubraClosterium moniliferum

Cladosporium cladosporoidesSaccharomyces cerevisiaeGloeotrichia echinulata

Penicillium funiculosumMelosira granulata

Penicillium purpurogenumOscillatoria limosa

Phoma violaceaPediastrum boryanum

Ulocladium atrumScenedesmus quadricauda

ACTICIDE MKB can prevent the growth of these organisms on the surface and within the film of the coatings and paints, thus extending their shelf life and service life.

Intended Applications

ACTICIDE MKB is intended for use as a film preservative for surface coatings, paints and similar products. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, such as:

  • Architectural coatings and paints

  • Industrial coatings and paints

  • Wood coatings and stains

  • Masonry coatings and sealants

  • Roof coatings and membranes

  • Floor coatings and adhesives

ACTICIDE MKB is authorized for use as a biocidal product in the European Union under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). It is classified as a product-type 7 (film preservatives) and is restricted to industrial users. Users of ACTICIDE MKB should follow the safety precautions and disposal instructions as indicated on the product label and the safety data sheet.


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