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Petroleum Experts IPM Suite 75 600

tamiu has been a world leader in the teaching, research, and innovation in the fields of geosciences, petroleum engineering, and engineering in general. it is a comprehensive, public, doctoral research university. the university's programs are among the most challenging in the nation, and our students are recognized for excellence in scholarship, scholarship, and scientific research. the university is located in the heart of the u.s. oil and gas producing region. its geographic location provides tamiu with access to a highly competitive energy industry workforce, with more than 10,000 graduates working in oil and gas exploration, development, and production.

Petroleum Experts IPM Suite 75 600

the geosciences department is grateful for the generous support by petroleum experts ltd. to provide move and ipm software suites to the department. the move and ipm suites are a proven set of tools for structural modeling that allow students to make independent models and run a variety of analysis to gain an understanding of the earth's geology. their easy-to-use interfaces and powerful features make the software versatile and accessible. in addition to their use in courses, the software is a powerful tool for students to use for research and independent projects. thank you to everyone at petroleum experts ltd. for your support.

petroleum experts ltd. ( pel ) is a scottish-based software company, based in edinburgh, scotland. pel is providing 10 one year licenses of both the moveand ipmsoftware suites ( and respectively). these software packages are the industry-recognized standards and are valued at a combined total of $5,002,502.52.


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