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What You Need to Know About Black Myth: Wukong, the Game Based on a Classic Novel

Wukong Game: A Stunning Action-RPG Based on Chinese Mythology

Wukong game, also known as Black Myth: Wukong, is an upcoming action role-playing game by Chinese indie developer Game Science, based on the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. The game features a monkey hero named Wukong, who has incredible powers and abilities, as he fights through various enemies and challenges in a dark fantasy world. The game has been praised for its stunning graphics, fluid combat, and faithful adaptation of the original story. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Wukong game, including its gameplay, story, release date, and more.

wukong game


The game has been described as Souls-like, meaning that it has challenging and strategic combat that requires careful timing and positioning. The player controls Wukong, who can use his black iron staff as a weapon, as well as his 72-methods of heavenly transformation to shapeshift into different animals and objects. For example, he can turn into a flying insect to scout the area, or a giant monster to crush his foes. He can also use spells to manipulate the weather, summon clones of himself, or control gods and spirits. The game also features various enemies and bosses that are inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore.


The combat system of Wukong game is fast-paced and dynamic, allowing the player to switch between different forms and abilities depending on the situation. The player can use light and heavy attacks with the staff, as well as dodge, parry, and counter enemy attacks. The player can also use Wukong's transformation abilities to gain an advantage in combat. For example, he can turn into a golden cicada to evade attacks, or a bear to knock down enemies. The player can also use spells to enhance his combat abilities or weaken his enemies. For example, he can summon a cloud to fly over obstacles, or cast a fireball to burn his enemies.


The game world of Wukong game is vast and diverse, featuring various locations that are based on the original novel and Chinese culture. The player can explore different regions such as forests, mountains, temples, caves, and cities. The player can also encounter different characters and events that are related to the story or offer side quests. The game world is also dynamic and responsive to the player's actions and choices. For example, the weather can change depending on the time of day or the player's spells. The enemies can also react differently depending on the player's form or behavior.


The story of Wukong game is based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West, one of "the four masterpieces" of classical Chinese literature. The story follows the adventures of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, who is a rebellious and powerful monkey who learns Taoism and becomes immortal. He also acquires various magical items and abilities along his journey. He joins forces with Tang Sanzang (a Buddhist monk), Zhu Bajie (a pig demon), and Sha Wujing (a sand demon) to travel to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures.

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The main character of Wukong game is Wukong (also known as Sun Wukong or Monkey King), who is a monkey born from a stone that was nourished by the Five Elements. He is extremely strong and agile, capable of lifting mountains and leaping across oceans. He is also very intelligent and cunning, mastering language and combat skills. He is rebellious and mischievous by nature, often causing trouble for gods and humans alike. He is referred to in the game as "the Destined One" (天命人), implying that he has a special role in the fate of the world.

The other main characters of Wukong game are Tang Sanzang (also known as Xuanzang or Tripitaka), Zhu Bajie (also known as Pigsy or Eight Precepts), and Sha Wujing (also known as Sandy or Friar Sand). They are Wukong's companions who join him on his journey to India. Tang Sanzang is a Buddhist monk who seeks to obtain the Buddhist scriptures for the sake of China. He is compassionate and humble, but also naive and timid. He is the leader of the group, but often relies on Wukong's protection and guidance. Zhu Bajie is a pig demon who was once a heavenly marshal, but was banished to Earth for his lustful behavior. He is greedy and lazy, but also loyal and humorous. He is the second strongest of the group, but also the most cowardly. Sha Wujing is a sand demon who was once a heavenly general, but was exiled to the bottom of a river for his violent actions. He is quiet and diligent, but also dull and lonely. He is the weakest of the group, but also the most reliable.


The plot of Wukong game is loosely based on the original novel, but also adds some twists and changes to make it more suitable for a video game. The game begins with Wukong being imprisoned under a mountain by Buddha for his rebellion against the heavens. He is freed by Tang Sanzang, who convinces him to join him on his quest to India. Along the way, they encounter various dangers and enemies, such as demons, bandits, gods, and other mythical creatures. They also meet Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, who join them as disciples. The game follows their journey across China and beyond, as they face different challenges and trials.

Release Date

The game has not yet announced an official release date, but it is expected to launch sometime in 2023 or later. The game is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The game will also support ray tracing and 4K resolution for enhanced graphics. The game has already released two trailers that showcase its gameplay and visuals, which have received positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Why You Should Play Wukong Game

Wukong game is a promising action-RPG that offers a unique and immersive experience based on Chinese mythology and culture. The game has several features that make it stand out from other games in the genre, such as:

Stunning Graphics

The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to create realistic and detailed graphics that bring the game world to life. The game features dynamic lighting and shadows, realistic textures and animations, and impressive particle effects. The game also showcases the beauty and diversity of China's landscapes, architecture, and art.

Fluid Combat

The game has a smooth and responsive combat system that allows the player to unleash Wukong's full potential as a fighter. The game has a variety of weapons, forms, spells, and enemies that make each battle exciting and challenging. The game also has a cinematic camera that follows the action closely and creates dramatic moments.

Faithful Adaptation

The game is based on one of the most influential and beloved stories in Chinese literature and history. The game respects the source material and incorporates many elements from the original novel, such as characters, events, themes, and symbolism. The game also explores the deeper meaning and message of the story, such as the concepts of destiny, karma, enlightenment, and morality.


Wukong game is an upcoming action-RPG that you should definitely keep an eye on if you are a fan of Chinese mythology, dark fantasy, or challenging combat. The game has amazing graphics, fluid combat, and faithful adaptation that make it a unique and immersive experience. The game is expected to release in 2023 or later for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


What is Wukong game?

Wukong game is an upcoming action role-playing game by Chinese indie developer Game Science, based on the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Who is Wukong?

Wukong is the main character of Wukong game an


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