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Can You Survive the Deadly Games of Escape Room 2?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (released in some markets as Escape Room: No Way Out and Escape Room 2: Deadly Game) is a 2021 American survival horror film directed by Adam Robitel and written by Will Honley, Maria Melnik, Daniel Tuch, and Oren Uziel. A sequel to 2019's Escape Room, it stars Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, and Deborah Ann Woll reprising their roles from the first film, alongside new cast members Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero, and follows a group of six people trying to survive a new series of more deadly escape rooms.

escape room 2

The pair find the headquarters derelict and are accosted by a vagrant who steals Zoey's necklace. She and Ben give chase straight into the Q subway train. Their train car separates from the rest of the train and is redirected to a remote station, sealing Zoey, Ben, and other passengers Rachel, Brianna, Nathan, and Theo inside. As the passengers realize in horror that they are once again in Minos' deadly game, the train becomes electrified. Zoey and Ben learn that the others are the "winners" of previous escape rooms, having survived them. To escape, the group must collect subway tokens as the electrification increases. Theo is killed while the rest escape. Nathan reveals his escape room group were all priests, Brianna's were all influencers, and Rachel's consisted of people who cannot feel physical pain.

The next room is a bank with a slowly closing vault and a deadly laser security system. The group manages to decipher the complex route to get around the lasers and escape with just seconds to spare. While in the room, Zoey is perplexed by frequent references to someone called Sonya and that the escape rooms have no apparent connection to the group unlike before.

The next room is a postcard-like beach with more references to Sonya. They discover that the beach is covered in quicksand. While Rachel is sinking, Nathan sacrifices himself to save Rachel and is swallowed up by the sand. Zoey finds an alternate route out just as Brianna unlocks the intended exit. An argument on which route to take breaks out; Rachel and Ben side with Zoey. Brianna escapes through the main exit while Rachel and Zoey traverse to the alternate route, but Ben falls into the quicksand.

Zoey and Rachel make their way out through a manhole back into the city. Overjoyed at first that they are outside, they quickly realize they are still in the game when they encounter a panicked Brianna. If they do not make it out of this room, acid rain is periodically sprayed on them. The group opens a taxi to escape into but once Zoey enters, the taxi locks Rachel and Brianna out. Zoey falls into the next room while Rachel and Brianna succumb to the rain and die.

The next room is a child's bedroom containing a diary from Sonya, revealing the rooms are based on a fun day out she had with her mother. Zoey discovers Sonya's mother is Amanda Harper, who survived her fall in her original escape room and was forced into designing escape rooms for Minos after they abducted her daughter. Amanda appears and begs Zoey to become the next puzzle-maker for Minos, warning that she has no choice. Ben is revealed to be trapped in a cage. When Zoey refuses Minos' demand, Ben's cage starts filling with water, but Zoey and Amanda work together to free him. They manage to break out, fleeing the facility. They report their findings to the police, who retrieve the bodies of Rachel, Brianna, Nathan, and Theo.

In April 2019, Robitel stated in an interview with Bloody Disgusting that one of the challenges the production team faced in its development was to figure out how to design new escape rooms that would outdo those the original film featured. He said:

He intended the first film's final scene, which depicted an escape room disguised as a hijacked airplane, to suggest that Minos, the organization behind the deadly escape rooms, may be more powerful, sinister and given to surveilling than previously thought, which he planned to expand upon in the sequel.[8] He said:

When asked about whether the film would also be available to stream at the same time it was released to theaters to accommodate those uncertain of the safety of in-theater attendance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Robitel stated that the film will pursue a standard theatrical release with no streaming alternative because he believes that the darkness of the standard theater room would allow the film to be at its most frightening and thrilling.[18]

In the extended cut, the film opens with Henry, revealed to be a designer of the escape rooms. When his wife Sonya threatens to divorce him and take their daughter Claire with her, she ends up trapped in the sauna when it turns into an escape room. However, she does not solve it in time to escape and is killed.

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Later in the film, when there is a malfunction during the Acid Rain room's transition, Zoey is taken to a department of Minos where she meets Claire, who turns out to be the actual puzzle maker. Claire has been locked up in a room by her father, who is one of the higher-ups in Minos and who has forced her to create elaborate escape rooms after which he has taken all of the credit. Claire begs Zoey to help her get out of the room. Up until that point Zoey has been hesitant, until it is revealed Ben has been saved by Claire who created a secret compartment under the quicksand for him to fall into. However, Ben is found by Henry's men and thrown into the final room: a sauna. With Zoey's help Claire manages to break out and is then met by her father. Zoey and Claire succeed in fighting Claire's father off and they save Ben. Claire locks the Minos employees inside the control room, and suggests Zoey report her findings to the police.

After Zoey escapes to the original location where she finds Ben in an ambulance, it is revealed that Claire was evil all along. When she was younger, she tried to be as evil as possible in an attempt to see if her parents truly loved her as she is. When her mother Sonya said that she was getting her help by sending her away, Claire murdered her in the sauna. Claire ultimately traps her father in her old room and kills him. It is suggested that she will be the series' villain moving forward.

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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions introduces audiences to a new series of puzzle rooms and traps as the competitors fight for survival. While the first movie was a surprise hit, it did not quite capture the spirit of puzzle rooms and felt a lot similar to Saw. The sequel, however, corrects this issue and provides linear puzzle rooms that more accurately capture a heightened version of the escape room experience.

The film is filled with diverse puzzle rooms, including some that are expansive and require teamwork while others are small and involve only a single person. As the competitors make their way from room to room, the audience gets to experience a variety of interesting and original puzzles, with some standing out more than others.

While the Minos logo is not exactly the most iconic logo from a movie franchise, it does provide a valuable clue. Though minor, this first puzzle is one that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Zoey is justified in her mistrust and paranoia. Additionally, it reinforces her status as the smartest and most ingenious competitor in the escape room.

The film opens with a surprising sequence, completely ignoring the ending of the first film that had appeared to set up the sequel by showing that Minos had trapped Zoey and Ben in another puzzle room that looked like a crashing plane. However, the movie subverts this expectation by revealing this scene is actually from the end of the second movie. It is not the most shocking plot twist to occur in a horror movie, but it does manage to subvert audience expectations.

While the audience does not get to see the resolution of this puzzle room, it is chilling to watch as Zoey slowly pieces things together, recognizing different elements around the plane and realizing she is in another puzzle room.

In what is made to appear as the final puzzle room, Zoey finds herself in a child's bedroom, forced to decide between working for Minos or letting Ben die in front of her. Once again, Zoey thinks outside of the box and finds a creative solution to the problem, managing to somehow beat a seemingly impossible Saw-like trap.

This puzzle room shows both Zoey's character and intelligence, maintaining her moral integrity by refusing Minos' offer and still finding a way to save Ben. While no one else even sees the room as a puzzle, she is able to see through Minos' deception and think her way through the situation.

At the completion of the beach-themed puzzle room, the group is prepared to exit through the door in the refrigerator and move onto the next room when Zoey discovers another exit in the wall. Zoey and Rachel escape through the hole in the wall, believing that they have finally made it out of the trap. However, they end up in the city street-themed puzzle room with Brianna all the same.

The beach-themed puzzle room is the biggest and most expansive room in the game, incorporating the beach, a beach house, and a lighthouse, that force the players to spread out and eventually divide the group into two.

The beach is the room that most resembles the rooms from the first movie, functioning in a similar way to the winter cabin room. While it may not be the most inventive setting, since many horror movies take place at the beach, the size and multiple parts of the room force the team to change their approach. Additionally, the puzzles in this room begin to clue the audience, and Zoey, into the fact that a larger story is being told through the rooms.


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