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It may be easier to find a motherboard if you search online using the motherboard's "board" number only, which should be printed on the motherboard, as nothing is showing up when searching for parts for the speaker

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I just fixed mine with a phillips screwdriver and an old usb cable. The port is completely gone. Unscrew the circuit panel from the back of speaker unplug the battery from the board. Strip a small section of each wire (one red-, one black+). Find an old but good charger cable for a phone cut the end off that goes to the phone and throw it away. Find your + wire (usually red) strip it back about " then find - wire(usually black) and do the same. Then splice + to + and - to -. Tape it up good so cant short out and plug that usb end into the charger box u use for ur phone and you will have a working speaker Soon.

I bought a Inspiron 15r (N5010) last feburary and now I think the powesupply went out. I plug the charger into the wall and the light is on, when I plug the other end into the pc the light on the charger goes off, I've tried this with two different chargers and they both behave the same. No response form the pc with either charger. The second charger I used I know works, so I figure it must be the power supply, if thats true, where do I get one? Help please and thanks

If you have tried two different power supplies and both behave the same (charger light goes off) when plugging into the laptop then it's more likely something is wrong with the mainboard or any other device that is connected to it (short circuit).If you have easy access to CDrom drive,hard drive and memory modules disconnect/remove them but I won't give you much hope:mainboard,screen or power jack are usually the parts that produce such a "massive" short circuit.

So I'm assuming this is an issue with the power adapter port/circuit board in the laptop. I have found a number of videos online showing how to replace it. Does anyone think this is a worthwhile endeavor to try? I assume if it was the motherboard, the system wouldn't be working at all when on battery power.

I plugged in to charge and literally a spark came out of the plug-in -- Working fine on battery power. So, I'm thinking it's the power adapter card, or ugh, the whole motherboard. Seems to reason if the motherboard had an issue the other parts wouldn't work. I've got a Dell Studio 1735 and have replaced things before, but never tried replacing the power adapter card. There are some very detailed and helpful videos online so just wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I should have known something was up. For a couple of weeks, when I plugged in, the computer would intermittently not recognize the power adapter and not charge the battery. I thought the issue was solved when I bought a new AC adapter directly from Dell and it was charging beautifully. But, apparently something's wrong with it. If it's running fine on battery and everything's working but only has problem when I plug in, that seems to point to a problem with that particular component, right? Eesh.

It seems to be an issue with the motherboard or with the charger board of the system. In order to remove the charger boards you have to disconnect the system board first. I am attaching certain screen shots that might help you.

Thanks very much for the info. I've ordered a replacement charger board and am going to try that first. If that doesn't work, then I'm assuming it's the motherboard and will probably just go in for a new laptop, as used Dell Studios are basically as much as the replacement motherboards at this point. I love this laptop though because of its multiple USB ports, 17" screen and wide keyboard!

Tech start-up Yank Tech, named after its founder Josh Yank, wants to deliver "the first wireless charger that can REALLY wirelessly charge your device." The company set up an Indiegogo campaign to fund their endeavor, and has already far exceeded their $25,000 goal.

Dear Sir,I am trying to make mobile charger using wind energy. I also prepared circuit with diode BR10-10, 1000UF/35V CAP., 7805 IC nd 10UF /63V cap. But I am getting only 2mAmp in place of 500mAmp. How can I achieve it? please help me. Nd I also use 500RPM - 12V DC Motor as generator.

Hello sir i need sm help pleasei hv transformer now its giving me dc output is near 13v but i wanted to charge my my 2.4v Ni-mh battery so i used 8v mosfet or i think its called as voltage regulator LM7808 and created a circuit but did not work my battery isn't charging...(i checked it using multimeter it gives 7.98v) but its not working at all i dont kno why i need sm solution or is thr any way to increase output voltage of mobile charger like my android charger gives 5v output so if i can increase it to 7-9 v ? please help me out

i want to make charger thats gives at digit dc voltage between 7-10 v dc so i can charge my2.v battery using itit wud be a big help of some1 show me how to increase voltage of normal mobile chargerthank you

LED in mobile charger is not glowing and mobile also is not, i want to take a risk of removing LED and joining both ends..will it work..what is the significance of LED apart from glowing indication..?

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Let's take the case where a connected phone uses 200 mA. Then, the USB port would have 300 mA left to charge the battery while the wall USB charger would have 800 mA left. A typical smart phone battery has a capacity of about 1500 mAh (milliamperes-hour) nowadays. This means that in a perfectly efficient world, a current of 1500 mA would charge the battery in 1 hour. So the same battery would then charge in 5 hours over the USB 2.0 port and in about 1h50 with the wall charger.

A word of caution, while we all want our batteries to charge fast, be aware that the faster you charge a battery, the warmer it gets, and heat destroys battery life. A battery charge to full each time @ 0.5 amps will last longer than one charged to full each time @ 1.0 amps. I don't know enough to say this small difference is enough to be of concern for a cell phone battery, but I have found out that using an iPad charger (5.2V, 2.4amp) vs the recommended PC USB port (5V, 0.5amp) charge rate will shorten the life of a Bose noise canceling earbud battery. Happy charging.

Most of the answers here are very informative on the battery issue, I don't want to touch on that, though I should let you know that if you have to charge your android with your laptop or desktop, make sure it gets full before you unplug it, otherwise you will be slowly ending the long life of your battery by unplugging every time you have to leave because it kind of takes longer. I take a major precaution when it comes to charging because I changed my phones charging adapter more than thrice due to charging using my laptop. I was finally advised by my techie to use the specified charger and since then, i have no battery issues. Just a precaution.

Completely depends on your motherboard I have a beast of a PSU and top range type motherboard which lets you turn data connection off and the charge up - it charges phone in less than half the time of dedicated charger. As said though most computers will limit this so result in a slow charge

The charger is the oxygen supplier of the laptop, and without it, you would not be able to carry on with your routine tasks. But sometimes some mishap or carelessness could result in the charger or the laptop's charging abilities to malfunction. If that is the case and you find the laptop charger not working at all, then read through our article as we will discuss every possible solution to reverse the issue.

Whenever you connect the charger to your laptop, you will instantly receive an indication in the form of a beeping sound, or a dedicated LED installed inside the computer will light up. If that does not happen and you find the laptop not charger even after plugging in the charger, then there could be several factors behind such a problem. Here are some of them:

It doesn't matter if the issue with the charger not working on your laptop is related to hardware or software as the four handy solutions mentioned below will help in fixing and have your laptop's battery up and charging in no time:

A recent Windows 10 update may have disrupted the battery's ability to detect the charger. It is mainly due to the incompatibility of the battery's driver with the new Windows update or because of its outdatedness. You can fix it by update the battery's driver through Windows Device Manager utility and here are the steps to do that:

The battery and the charger will give you some indication of malfunctioning before entirely giving up from doing their job. It is recommended to check the health of the battery and the charger constantly to avoid any such issue.

In this article, we have discussed every possible way to help in fixing the charger, not the working problem. We hope that at least one of them helped in reviving your battery and charger. Other than that, we also showed you the process of recovering data with Recoverit if any such solution resulted in some data loss on the computer.

If you're using HP laptop or desktop, complete them with our original accessories. Get batteries, chargers, and adapters for to keep your laptop running at all time, cables to connect your computer to more functions, laptop bags, cases and sleeves for those on the go, mice and keyboards for better accessability, and headset and speakers for great audio experience. Check out our products here.

Various laptop chargers with standard right-angle up to 4.5 mm connectors are designed to reduce cord stress and connect to your laptops without hindering other ports, thus keeping them easily accessible. Their inbuilt surge protectors safeguard your laptops from sudden power changes. Moreover, the adapter cables are designed to be sturdy, flexible, and durable while also being able to withstand the stresses from frequent plugging, unplugging, and bending. These abrasion-proof and anti-torsion round cables come with thick insulation, which prevents leakages and ensures a risk-free use of electricity. Moreover, these chargers for HP laptops come with attached hook and loop fasteners, which help keep your cable neat and well-organised.Buy Laptop Chargers Online 041b061a72


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