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Laverton Roller Skating

Laverton Skate Centre is the south west's only roller skating rink.*** PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE US FROM HERE *** Please visit our website:lavertonskatecentre dot com dot au for all information and enquiries, or to contact us directly.Thank you.Read more

laverton roller skating

Rollerway Newtown Skate Centre, Inline & Roller Skating Rink, Birthday Party Venue, and Skate & Hockey Shop. Monday to Thursday we have inline roller hockey leagues. Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon, it's "old school fun" with roller & inline skating for groups, parties, & individuals. The Skate Shop (and skate warehouse) we have on-site specialises in Roller Derby & Roller/Inline/Ice Hockey Skates and gear.We offer fun hockey and competitive hockey leagues and skills classes during...Read more

Our venue is a family friendly rollerblading and roller skating entertainment house open to the public all year round with lots of games, prizes, hit music and a great family atmosphere. We offer learn to skate classes in all disciplines including basic skills, speed skating, figure skating, adults, tots and also roller derby.If you are planning a birthday party, celebrate it with a stress-free Sk8house Catered Birthday Party! We supply everything you need, including hot food and decorations....Read more

Struggling to find a fun activity which the whole family will enjoy, or just looking for a stress free party solution? Roller skating at Bayswater Roller City is your answer! We also offer a wide range of facilities which include Learn to Skate, Inline Hockey, Preschool Skating Sessions. Our skate shop carries a large ranges of skates, inline blades and hockey equipment for recreational and serious skaters. Check out our website and like our Bayswater Roller City facebook page to stay in touch with...Read more

Despite that, the old-school skates never died, and although a there were a number of rink closures around the turn of the millennium, West End continued its roll - so much so that it continues strong to this day as Laverton Skate Centre, offering affordable skating sessions for kids of all ages, including the resurgent thrills and spills of Roller Derby.

Delivering a unique Australian love story, told through music, roller skating, circus, comedy and dance, the show will see the couple transform into lovers Frankie and Shazza who will take audiences on a journey through the 50s to the 80s.

Laverton Youth Foundation is always looking for new projects that will enhance the lives of the young people of Hobsons Bay and Wyndham, if you have an idea for a youth-led project and need help, please get in touch on

Roller skating is the act of traveling on surfaces with roller skates. It is a recreational activity, a sport, and a form of transportation. Roller rinks and skate parks are built for roller skating, though it also takes place on streets, sidewalks, and bike paths.

Roller skating originated in the performing arts in the 18th century. It gained widespread popularity starting in the 1880s. Roller skating was very popular in the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s, then again in the 1970s when it was associated with disco music and roller discos. During the 1990s, inline outdoor roller skating became popular. Roller skating has often been a part of Black and LGBT history in particular.

In the 1970s, roller disco became widespread. This style of skating originated with disco music predominantly among Black and gay skaters.[6] During the late 1980s and the 1990s, outdoor and indoor inline skating (with "rollerblades") became popular. Roller skating declined in popularity in the early 21st century, but became more popular again during the COVID pandemic.[7][3]

Roller skating has long been tied to Black American social movements, immigrant communities, and the LGBT community, particularly for women in roller derby. As a hobby it is perceived as whimsical and is widely accessible to many people.[8]

Artistic roller skating is a sport which consists of a number of events. These are usually accomplished on quad skates, but inline skates may be used for some events. Various flights of events are organized by age and ability/experience. In the US, local competitions lead to 9 regional competitions which led to the National Championships and World Championships.

A prescribed movement symmetrically composed of at least two circles, but not more than three circles, involving primary, or primary and secondary movements, with or without turns. Figures are skated on circles, which have been inscribed on the skating surface.[21][22]

Freestyle roller dancing is a style of physical movement, usually done to music, that is not choreographed or planned ahead of time. It occurs in many genres, including those where people dance with partners. By definition, this kind of dance is never the same from performance to performance, although it can be done formally and informally, sometimes using some sparse choreography as a very loose outline for the improvisation.

A team of skaters (usually counted in multiples of four) creates various patterns and movements to music. Often used elements include skating in a line, skating in a box, "splicing" (subgroups skating towards each other such that they do not contact each other), and skating in a circle. The team is judged on its choreography and the ability to skate together precisely, and jumps and spins are not as important. In this category, they are classified as "small groups" (6 to 15 people) or "big groups" (16 to 30 skaters). These show groups are also divided due to the level and ages.

A single skater or a pair of skaters present routines to music. They are judged on skating ability and creativity. Jumps, spins and turns are expected in these events. Sometimes with a pair or couple skaters slow music will play, and usually it is two songs.

Speed skating originally started on traditional roller skates, quads or four wheels per skate. The first organized, national competition was held in 1938 in Detroit Michigan at the Arena Gardens Roller Rink, once home of "Detroit's Premier Sports Palace. The Arena opened in 1935 as roller skating began its ascension as a top sport.[16] In the early years, competitors representing the mid-west states, primarily Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio dominated the sport. By 1950 as rinks hired speed skating coaches who trained competitors, the east and west coast began to compete effectively for the national titles. But in the early years, national titles were dominated by Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

As rules were established for state and national competitions, the speed skating season began in fall and continued through spring leading up to a state tournament. Eventually approximately 1947, due to the growth of speed skating, the top three places at a state tournament would qualify skaters for a regional tournament. The top three places at regional tournaments then went on to compete at a national tournament. Skaters could qualify as individuals or as part of a two-person or four-person (relay) team. Qualification at regional events could warrant an invite to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO for a one-week training session on their outdoor velodrome. Inline speed skating is a competitive non-contact sport on inline skates. Variants include indoor, track and road racing, with many different grades of skaters, so the whole family can compete.

Jam skating is a skating style consisting of a combination of dance, gymnastics, and roller skating, performed on roller skates. Jam skating is the predominant style of skating featured in the documentary film United Skates.[23]

Aggressive inline skating, or roller freestyle, is trick-based skating. The individual performs tricks using modified skates, which have grind blocks between two wheels, and boots designed to take additional strain. The wheels have a flat large contact surface for grip.

This form of roller skating involves performing tricks and airs in mini ramps, street, vert, and bowls. Any roller skate can be used for park skating though many skaters prefer a higher-ankle boot over speed style boot. Additional modifications to traditional rollers skates include the addition of a plastic block between the front and rear trucks commonly called slide blocks or grind blocks. The front and rear trucks can also be modified to use a 3-inch wide truck to allow for different tricks. Many skaters prefer small, hard wheels to allow more speed and less wheel bite.

Roller hockey is the overarching name for variants of hockey played on quad or inline skates. Quad hockey (also called rink hockey, hardball hockey, or simply roller hockey) has been played since the 19th century. It is played in many countries worldwide and was a demonstration rollersport in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Other variations include inline hockey and inline skater hockey.

Roller derby is a team sport played on roller skates on an oval track. Originally a trademarked product developed out of speed skating demonstrations, the sport underwent a revival in the early 2000s as a grass-roots-driven, five-a-side sport played mainly by women.[30] Most roller derby leagues adopt the rules and guidelines set by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association or its open gender counterpart, Men's Roller Derby Association, but there are leagues that play on a banked track, as the sport was originally played from the 1930s.

The annual Slalom skating competition run by Seba Australia is on in Melbourne April 1st at noon. This is a fun event and is open to all ages and skating abilities! The famous egg and spoon race will be up first, then a Novice and Open Catagory in the Battle style slalom format. Bayside will be supporting this event, and you will catch quite a few of our staff and team riders there taking part. Check out the facebook event page for more details. Click here for more info.

"The first Australian Rolling Open (Australian Championships for Inline Street/Park skating) to be held in QLD is going down on the 4th of November at Ramp Attak Indoor Skate Park 393 Bilsen Road, Geebung Queensland. 6pm till 11pm.$1100+ CASH PRIZE POOLARO is the biggest competition of the year for the Australian rollerblading scene attracting Blader's from every state in Australia to its competition. It has also had the pleasure of some of the world's best attend with legends like Shima and Julio compete. Joe Atkinson from England actually won the vert bowl competition last year. The 2017 ARO will be taking on an extra exciting addition with live hip hop performances and DJ's running throughout the day. The venue this year is an indoor skatepark in Brisbane called rampattak with a great arrangement of obstacles for the competing Blader's from the sponsored hammer hitters to the under 18's still progressing Blader's. Every level of blading will be seen on the day so save it in your calendars and come watch or even shred with the best Blader's in the Australia scene" - Gerard Ahrens (event organiser) 041b061a72


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