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[S7E19] Last Temptation

"Last Temptation" is the nineteenth episode of the seventh season of the American medical drama House. It aired on April 18, 2011. It is also the last episode to feature Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters until her guest appearance in the series finale.

[S7E19] Last Temptation

On her last day as a medical student, Masters must decide whether to stay on with House's team as an intern or to join Dr. Simpson's surgical team. She initially opts to join the surgical team, but reconsiders House's offer after learning that the last patient she treated under House has taken a turn for the worse.

Martha Masters: You want me to be like you. It's not gonna happen.Dr. Gregory House: It's the last thing I want. Because then neither one of us would be exceptional.

Martha Masters: You did an LP? Why didn't you page me?Dr. Gregory House: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to do one of those? You should've spoken up. You want the job or not?Martha Masters: Um... I... After careful consideration, I have decided to accept your offer for an internship.Dr. Gregory House: Great. My department has a slightly different procedure log.Martha Masters: Uh, you forged the last one. I only did 9 LPs.Dr. Gregory House: Do you know how to do an LP?Martha Masters: Of course.Dr. Gregory House: Do you know how to do 9 LPs and say it was 10? It's time to grow up. Turn that in, the job is yours.

Thirteen: Thank you, House, for respecting my privacy. What a perfect reminder that I'm back.Dr. Foreman: I didn't even know you had a problem.House: Loved ones are always the last to know. Loved ones and robotic, estranged ex-boyfriends. 041b061a72


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