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Buy Revlon Online

Life Pharmacy is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. We have everything from fragrance to first aid, make up to medicines, skin care to sun care, test kits to tanning products. Life pharmacy online brings your pharmacy to you.

buy revlon online

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Revlon products could be bought at assigned Revlon sales agents in Sri Lanka, retail stores and online platforms. Why look anywhere else when the Revlon products you are searching for are accessible in one click at

No matter how much makeup they have, women will always be wanting for more. Women apply makeup to beautify their look. A simple makeup item can transform your look from ordinary to glamorous. The right amount of makeup not only boosts your confidence but also gives you a fresh look. Revlon is a renowned brand in women cosmetics that is highly reliable. Founded in 1932, the brand started with nail enamel but due to great passion and determination, Revlon makeup is known globally today. You can buy Revlon makeup online from Jumia which offers it in a huge variety. Revlon makeup prices in Nigeria are quite affordable at Jumia so that these products are accessible to a large number of women. The ingredients present in the Revlon cosmetics are clinically tested and proven so that these can be applied to all types of skin.

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