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[S6E5] Lover's Leap

With Jaguar, Pete has been pursuing them, and it's paid off. They're going to pitch them in the new year. At first, Pete is annoyed that no one seems to care about his hard work. Bert has an explanation: "They're lemons. They never start." Eventually, though, Don leads the charge enthusiastically, telling the whole company that they will do nothing but try to get Jaguar for the next six weeks. "Prepare to take a great leap forward," he says. "Prepare to swim the English Channel and then drown in champagne."

[S6E5] Lover's Leap

The scientist could only go back in time to periods that took place during his life and when he traveled, he actually jumped into the body of someone who needed him to fix some big mistake or terrible incident that happened to them. It also turned out that he was trapped jumping from one event to another and needed the machine to automatically get him home if he ever wanted to stop "leaping" through time. That last detail is interesting if only because Quantum Leap wasn't the only science-fiction show in the 90s that used that premise.

Now that Season 10 is wrapping up tonight, I won't have to rush to my DVR next Thursday to make sure it's set up to record Bones correctly. I've never missed an episode of the FOX procedural about world-renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, the closest character on TV to me: a scientist who studies human bones, tall and dark-haired, and happy to throw around anthropological terms for kicks. But I don't watch obsessively because I'm a super-fan. I started out reading Dr. Kathy Reichs' novels because they were engaging, well-written, and well-researched forensic anthropology that I could plow through on a plane flight. When her titular heroine Dr. Brennan made the leap to the silver screen, I had to watch, even though I knew the television format would change things considerably. 041b061a72


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