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Download Clash of Clans on Macbook: A Complete Guide

So, My son and I had the same game center account for the longest time. Well now we both want to play clash of clans. Obviously it doesn't work with 2 devices on the same game center account. When we opened it on his IPOD it would bring up my village. So I tried deleting it on his Ipod, and then restoring his ipod. Which didn't work. So I created another apple ID and a new game center account for him. I downloaded the game using the new apple ID and logged on with his new game center account and it still brought up my village. And if I am on the game on my Iphone it will notify me that someone is trying to log on to this village. Please help, I have about 6 hours into this and am about to go nuts.

download clash of clans on macbook

Well, if you want to take your COC experience to a new horizon and are looking to know how to get clash of clans on pc, then you can download and play Clash of Clans on PC using an emulator.


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