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Cool Things To Buy At Disney World

Disney World is home to Epcot and Epcot is home to the one and only World Showcase! One of the best things to do in Disney World is explore the World Showcase at Epcot and while you could quickly walk around the world, I highly recommend drinking (or eating) around the world instead!

cool things to buy at disney world

Not sure what is cooler than getting to visit a whole lot of animals and go on a walking safari for free so visiting the animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge is definitely on the top of the list for best things to do in Disney World! Jump on a bus over to the Animal Kingdom Lodget and you can explore not only the hotel, but also visit the animals!

One of the coolest things to do in Disney World is to slow down and enjoy a fancy sit down meal! If you decide to go with the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan this will be a super easy item to check off the list. If you are on another dining plan, or no plan at all, you can still enjoy a fancy sit down meal!

What the attraction loses on the journey itself it tries to make up for in the queue. The vast majority of Disneyland's ride line is outdoors, but since rain is a bigger issue in Florida, the ride queue there is mostly indoors, allowing the creation of some cool things to see. There's stockpiles of barrels and artillery, and a number of prison cells, including one where a pair of pirates have turned to skeletons while sitting at a chessboard, the game forever locked in a stalemate.

We are booked end august to first week sept this year! Im crossing my fingers for good weather and no hurricane please. This our first disney world and it's the only available sched for everybody in the family! will we still enjoy it? 041b061a72


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