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The Stranger - Lo Straniero Download ##HOT##

The Silent Stranger (Italian: Lo straniero di silenzio), also known as The Horseman and the Samurai and The Stranger in Japan, is a 1968 Spaghetti Western jidaigeki film directed by Luigi Vanzi. It is the second sequel to A Stranger in Town, with twenty minutes excised for its 1975 release. The film is the third in a series of four western films starring Tony Anthony as "The Stranger". Despite being produced in 1968 for MGM, the film was never given an official release until 1975, nearly a decade after the previous film in the series.[1] Tony Anthony stated that he believed the film became the victim of a power struggle at MGM,[2] and the film was re-edited when it was later released by a different studio.[2]

The Stranger - Lo Straniero Download

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such a poor video quality, in the hd times transfers and remastered versions, it's quite probably we re close to have a decent hd remastered version of "lo straniero"as this film deserves, no this kind of bootleg

Victor Brombert has analysed L'Étranger and Sartre's "Explication de L'Étranger" in the philosophical context of the Absurd.[6] Louis Hudon dismissed the characterisation of L'Étranger as an existentialist novel in his 1960 analysis.[7] The 1963 study by Ignace Feuerlicht begins with an examination of the themes of alienation, in the sense of Meursault being a 'stranger' in his society.[8] In his 1970 analysis, Leo Bersani commented that L'Étranger is "mediocre" in its attempt to be a "'profound' novel", but describes the novel as an "impressive if flawed exercise in a kind of writing promoted by the New Novelists of the 1950s".[9] Paul P. Somers Jr. has compared Camus's L'Étranger and Sartre's Nausea, in light of Sartre's essay on Camus's novel.[10] Sergei Hackel has explored parallels between L'Étranger and Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment.[11]

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