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Subtitle The.Birds.1963.Bluray.1080p.720p

Overall the production faced challenges of disasters, near-disasters and squabbles caused by films being shot on location in the spotty English weather. The film has an unusual comic style: The opening sequence has subtitles and brisk action in the manner of a silent film. Later in the film, characters sometimes break the fourth wall, often by looking directly into the camera and addressing the audience. In one scene the character of Tom Jones suddenly appears to notice the camera and covers the lens with his hat. Another unusual feature is an unseen narrator, voiced by Micheál Mac Liammóir. His mock-serious commentaries between certain scenes deplore the action of several characters as well as the weaknesses in human character, and he provides a poetic denouement for the film.

subtitle The.Birds.1963.Bluray.1080p.720p

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Apollo-Film GmbH and Avis-Filmverleih released a further shortened cut of the American version of King Kong vs. Godzilla under the title Die Rückkehr des King Kong (lit. "The Return of King Kong") on August 23, 1974.[18] Running 82 minutes, it primarily removes footage from the interstitial segments at the U.N. building. The German dubbing was recorded at FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH in Munich.[19]The original Japanese version of the film was first released in contemporary Germany on DVD in 2013 by Anolis Entertainment through Koch Media as part of their steelbook Kaiju Classics line. This release also contains the West German theatrical version, as well as the American version with German subtitles.[20] 041b061a72


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