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The Story Behind Rhea B. Allen's Song "I Believe in Christ"

Love at Home: The Music and Life of Rhea B. Allen

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, chances are you have sung or heard one of the songs composed by Rhea B. Allen. She is the author of I Believe in Christ, Search Diligently; Pray Always, and Be Believing, Keep Singing, Singing, Singing, and Who Will Sing, Who Will Sing. These songs are not only beautiful and uplifting, but they also reflect her personal testimony and love for the gospel.

love at home rhea b allen

In this article, we will explore the music and life of Rhea B. Allen, who was a remarkable woman with a remarkable gift. We will learn about her early life and musical education, her career and achievements, her songs and messages, and her legacy and influence. We will also discover how her music can inspire us to live with love at home.

Early Life and Musical Education

Rhea Bradford Allen was born on June 6, 1924, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the youngest of six children in a musical family. Her father, Joseph Bradford Allen, was a violinist and a conductor of the Tabernacle Choir. Her mother, Lillian May Bradford Allen, was a pianist and an organist. Rhea inherited their musical talents and began playing the piano at age four.

Rhea attended Brigham Young University, where she studied music under renowned composers such as Leroy Robertson, Crawford Gates, Robert Cundick, and Merrill Bradshaw. She also met her future husband, John W. Allen Jr., who was also a musician. They married in 1945 in the Salt Lake Temple and had six children.

Career and Achievements

Rhea B. Allen had a prolific career as a composer, teacher, and leader in the Church. She composed over 300 songs, many of which were published in Church magazines or hymnbooks. She also wrote music for children's programs, choir festivals, roadshows, pageants, firesides, sacrament meetings, stake conferences, general conferences, temple dedications, and other occasions.

Rhea B. Allen taught music at various schools and institutes throughout her life. She also served as a stake music director for 25 years and as a member of the General Music Committee for 10 years. She received many awards and honors for her contributions to music in the Church, such as the BYU Alumni Distinguished Service Award, the BYU Emeritus Club Award, the BYU Women's Conference Award, and the Exemplary Womanhood Award.

Songs and Messages

Rhea B. Allen's songs are characterized by their simplicity, sincerity, and spirituality. She said that she wrote her songs as a way of expressing her feelings and bearing her testimony. She said that she prayed for inspiration before composing and that she felt guided by the Spirit.

One of her most famous songs is I Believe in Christ, which she wrote in 1972 as a musical setting for Elder Bruce R. McConkie's poem of the same name. She said that she felt a special connection with Elder McConkie and that she wanted to capture his powerful testimony in her music. The song was first sung at the April 1973 general conference and has since become a beloved hymn of the Church.

Another song that reflects Rhea B. Allen's faith and love is Search Diligently; Pray Always, and Be Believing, which she wrote in 1978 as a theme song for the Young Women program. She said that she wanted to encourage the young women to seek the Lord and follow His guidance. The song was also sung at the October 1978 general conference, where President Spencer W. Kimball announced the revelation on priesthood.

Rhea B. Allen also wrote songs that celebrate the joy of singing and the power of music. One of them is Keep Singing, Singing, Singing, which she wrote in 1980 as a tribute to her father, who had passed away. She said that she wanted to honor his legacy and his love for music. The song was performed by the Tabernacle Choir at his funeral and at the April 1981 general conference.

Another song that expresses Rhea B. Allen's passion for music is Who Will Sing, Who Will Sing, which she wrote in 1985 as a challenge to the members of the Church to share their talents and testimonies through song. She said that she hoped that her song would inspire people to sing with enthusiasm and conviction. The song was featured in the 1985 Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Church.

Legacy and Influence

Rhea B. Allen passed away on March 6, 2006, at the age of 81. She left behind a rich legacy of music and service that has touched countless lives. Her songs have been translated into many languages and sung by millions of people around the world. Her songs have also been recorded by various artists and groups, such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the BYU Singers, Gladys Knight, David Archuleta, and others.

Rhea B. Allen's influence extends beyond her music. She was also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend who exemplified love at home. She said that her family was her greatest joy and blessing. She said that she tried to teach her children to love the Lord, to love each other, and to love music. She also said that she loved her husband dearly and that he was her best friend and supporter.


Rhea B. Allen was a remarkable woman with a remarkable gift. She used her gift to glorify God and bless His children. She composed songs that expressed her faith and love in simple, sincere, and spiritual ways. She taught music to many students and inspired them to develop their talents. She served in various callings in the Church and contributed to its growth and progress. She lived with love at home and nurtured her family with kindness and care.

We can learn from Rhea B. Allen's example and follow her advice: "Keep singing, singing, singing." We can sing with gratitude for our blessings, with testimony of our Savior, with joy for our salvation, with hope for our future, and with love for our Heavenly Father and His children.

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  • Who is Rhea B. Allen?Rhea B. Allen is a composer, teacher, and leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who wrote over 300 songs, including I Believe in Christ, Search Diligently; Pray Always, and Be Believing, Keep Singing, Singing, Singing, and Who Will Sing, Who Will Sing.

  • How did Rhea B. Allen learn music?Rhea B. Allen learned music from her parents, who were both musicians, and from her teachers at Brigham Young University, where she studied under renowned composers.

  • What are some of the themes and messages of Rhea B. Allen's songs?Rhea B. Allen's songs are about her faith and love for the gospel, the joy and power of music, the importance of seeking and following the Lord, and the value of family and home.

  • How can we honor Rhea B. Allen's legacy and influence?We can honor Rhea B. Allen's legacy and influence by listening to her songs, singing them with enthusiasm and conviction, sharing them with others, developing our own musical talents, and living with love at home.