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Two Worlds 2 !FULL! Crack No Activation Code

I'm interestet in running this game. I've heard it has to be on version 1.0 or else the speedrun doesn't work.I've bought a second hand version of the game for a few bucks, installed it, and it's forcing me to register the game. I would if I could, but there is actual no possibility for me. Neither the online-activation nor the phone-activation is working. (I'm from germany, I don't now if it's working in other countries... but here in germany it doesn't...)So my question is, is there any other way to register the game (legal or illegal)? Any sort of crack or edit in a config file or anything?I have a serial-key, but it doesn't help me, because I can't use it anywhere xD

two worlds 2 crack no activation code

This particular loop hole is easily fixed by the user. Simply use an 11 digit passcode or random 8 character alphanumeric passcode, with symbol e.g Gx-193pl. It would take a few hundred years to crack that passcode as it stands now.


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