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Vol.i Wall E 1080P

The prospects of using a Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) to aid wireless communication systems have recently received much attention from academia and industry. Most papers make theoretical studies based on elementary models, while the prototyping of RIS-aided wireless communication and real-world field trials are scarce. In this paper, we describe a new RIS prototype consisting of 1100 controllable elements working at 5.8 GHz band. We propose an efficient algorithm for configuring the RIS over the air by exploiting the geometrical array properties and a practical receiver-RIS feedback link. In our indoor test, where the transmitter and receiver are separated by a 30 cm thick concrete wall, our RIS prototype provides a 26 dB power gain compared to the baseline case where the RIS is replaced by a copper plate. A 27 dB power gain was observed in the short-distance outdoor measurement. We also carried out long-distance measurements and successfully transmitted a 32 Mbps data stream over 500 m. A 1080p video was live-streamed and it only played smoothly when the RIS was utilized. The power consumption of the RIS is around 1 W. Our paper is vivid proof that the RIS is a very promising technology for future wireless communications.

Vol.i Wall E 1080P

Customizable setupCustomize your room setup with multiple mounting options. Use the camera on the table or mount it on the wall with the hardware provided. Conversations are clearly heard within a 6 m diameter around the base with the standard equipment.

Broadcom also has spent the past year tweaking the Forward Error Correction technology they demonstrated last year so that it requires only a minor boost in throughput to provide significant protection against dropped packets. The demo I saw injected a 2% packet loss that caused minor, but constant pixelation in a streamed 10 Mbps MPEG2 1080p stream. But when the error correction was kicked in, the picture cleaned up within seconds.

Wireless HD (Wi-HD) looks like it finally may be the answer to people who are looking to ditch the cables between their high-def TVs and the assortment of boxes that pump content to it. Wi-HD can transmit uncompressed HD video (1080p 60 Hz) and control information at rates up to 4 Gbps in a 10 meter range using wireless signals in the 60 GHz band. It uses beam forming and steering to dynamically steer the signal around obstacles.

The demo of the LG plasma set in the Wireless HD Interoperability room was impressive in its simplicity. The wall display had the Wi-HD receiver built into the front panel below the screen, with the tuner and all other circuitry not directly related to the panel in a curvy black box that could have been mistaken for a DVD or Blu-ray player. As we walked around the room, and most of the time stood directly between the box and the display, a 1080p video played as if it were coming from a cabled source. Only when I put my hand right on the spot on the display where the Wi-HD receiver was, did the picture slightly break up.

When the Sibeam (the primary developer of the Wi-HD chipset) person running the demo shut off the LG box, the display briefly showed a "scanning for sources" message until it picked up the PS3 that was connected to a Abocom Wi-HD reference design bridge/hub and switched right over to it. The PS3 had a driving game (I think it was Gran Turismo) loaded and running and I "drove" a bit (mostly crashing into walls) to verify that there was no control lag through the Wi-HD connection.

NEOD (New Era Of Device)from 4,500Mirror, mirror on the wall... you're a TV. NEOD conceal high-end Loewe TVs behind a mirror-like glass surface. When the TV's on, you get Loewe's usual high-quality LED picture, Full HD 1080p visuals and speedy refresh rates. When the TV's off it looks like a mirror. Screen sizes run from 22" to 55".Mirror, mirror on the wall... you're actually a TV. NEOD conceal high-end Loewe TVs behind a mirror-like glass surface. When the TV's off, it becomes an Italian-designed stylish wall-hanging mirror to complement any room. When the TV's on, you get Loewe's usual high-quality picture: E-LED backlit screen, Full HD 1080p visuals and 200Hz (and on some models 400Hz) flicker-free refresh rates. The range sizes from 22" to 55" screens and frames range from black lacquer to bling Swarovski crystals. Options also include recessing the mirror into a wall. Either way, NEOD lets you have the latest TV tech, without having it dominate the design of any 041b061a72


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