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PowerShell can use and expose .NET functionality and features. As a result, it is possible to write GUI front ends for the scripts you create. Building PowerShell GUIs may seem complicated, especially if you are a beginner.


At this point, you now have a working script and are ready to test it. But before you can test the script, you need to import the code into a PowerShell session. One way of loading code into a PowerShell session is by dot sourcing.

To add the click action to btnQuery, assign the code below to its corresponding variable name $var_btnQuery. Copy the code below and insert it in between the Get-Variable var_* and $Null = $window.ShowDialog() code references in the script.

In this article, you learned how to create a simple function that accepts input and return results. You also learned how to create a basic WPF PowerShell GUI as well as how to import it to act as a front-end for the PowerShell script you created.

For all its power, NativeScript UI is really easy to get started with. NativeScript UI is packaged up as a NativeScript plugin and distributed through npm. Therefore, adding the professional components to your app is as easy as running tns plugin add nativescript-pro-ui.

There are already plenty of command line solutions or scripts out there that will do this, but sometimes it is nice to be able to just click a button and use an intuitive GUI program rather than learning how to use a new script or command. So this tool is available for free on my website in the hope that it is useful to those people that prefer to use a GUI for these kind of things.

Oracle SQL Developer is a free, integrated development environment that simplifies the development and management of Oracle Database in both traditional and Cloud deployments. SQL Developer offers complete end-to-end development of your PL/SQL applications, a worksheet for running queries and scripts, a DBA console for managing the database, a reports interface, a complete data modeling solution, and a migration platform for moving your 3rd party databases to Oracle.

Most scripts designed for Google Sheets manipulate arrays tointeract with the cells, rows, and columns in a spreadsheet. If you're notfamiliar with arrays in JavaScript, Codecademy offers agreat training module for arrays.(Note that this course wasn't developed by and isn't associated with Google.)

Apps Script includes special APIs to let you programmatically create, read, andedit Google Sheets. Apps Script can interact with Google Sheets in two broadways: any script can create or modify a spreadsheet if the script's user hasappropriate permissions for the spreadsheet, and a script can also bebound to a spreadsheet, whichgives the script special abilities to alter the user interface or respond whenthe spreadsheet is opened. To create a bound script, selectExtensions > Apps Script from withinGoogle Sheets.

You can also attach a script function to an image or drawing within aspreadsheet; the function will execute when a user clicks on the image ordrawing. To learn more, see Images and Drawings in Google Sheets.

Add-ons are specially packaged Apps Scriptprojects that run inside Google Sheets and can be installedfrom the Google Sheets add-on store. If you've developed a script for Google Sheetsand want to share it with the world, Apps Script lets youpublish your script as anadd-on so other users can install it from the add-on store.

Scripts are also identified with a shebang. Shebang is a combination of bash # and bang ! followed the the bash shell path. This is the first line of the script. Shebang tells the shell to execute it via bash shell. Shebang is simply an absolute path to the bash interpreter.

In this post, we showcase a Slap Battles script with a built-in auto-farm system to automatically farm everything from XP to money and even in-game crates, the complete list of features this script provides is covered in the post below.

There are many useful free online tools for businesses. And Google Sheets is certainly one of the best of them. It allows you to get all the power of spreadsheets, databases, and scripting all at once.

So I am writing a script that changes various aspects of an Ubuntu 16.04.4 machine and one of the tasks is upgrading all packages. To do this I useapt-get -y upgrade. (-y for auto yes on dialogue and provide automation) This works fine and is automated for nearly all packages but once every so often I will get the interaction pane depicted below.

Although it started life as a simple automation tool, AutoIt now has functions and features that allow it to be used as a general purpose scripting language (with awesome automation as well of course!). Language features include:

AutoIt is a very small and standalone application with no reliance on massive runtimes like .NET or VB. All you need to run AutoIt scripts are the main AutoIt executable (AutoIt3.exe) and the script. Scripts can also be encoded into standalone executables with the built-in script compiler Aut2Exe.

When running commands specified using /script or /command, batch mode is used implicitly and overwrite confirmations are turned off. In an interactive scripting mode, the user is prompted in the same way as in GUI mode. To force batch mode (all prompts are automatically answered negatively) use the command option batch abort. For batch mode it is recommended to turn off confirmations using option confirm off to allow overwrites (otherwise the overwrite confirmation prompt would be answered negatively, making overwrites impossible).

You can find the key fingerprint on Server and Protocol Information Dialog. You can also copy the key fingerprint to clipboard from the confirmation prompt on the first (interactive) connection using Copy key fingerprints to clipboard command (in the script, use SHA-256 fingerprint of the host key only). Learn more about obtaining host key fingerprint.

FTPS/WebDAVS TLS/SSL certificate signed by untrusted authority may also need to be verified. To automate the verification in script, use -certificate switch of open command to accept the expected certificate automatically.

If you are going to run the script under a different account (for example using the Windows Task Scheduler), make sure the script does not rely on a configuration settings that might differ on the other account. When using registry as configuration storage, the settings are accessible only for your Windows account. Ideally, make sure the script does not rely on any external configuration, to make it completely portable. Note that the configuration also includes verified SSH host keys and FTPS/WebDAVS TLS/SSL certificates.

The disadvantage is that change to configuration in graphical mode may break your script (common example is enabling Existing files only option for synchronization). Also the script is not portable to other machines, when it relies on an external configuration.

The best way to do that is to configure all the options you need using script commands only (option command, switches of other commands, session URL), or if no such command is available, using raw site settings and raw configuration. Finally force scripting mode to start with the default configuration using /ini=nul command-line parameter.

Alternatively export your configuration to a separate INI file and reference it using /ini= command-line parameter. Also consider setting the INI file read-only, to prevent WinSCP writing to it, when exiting. Particularly, if you are running multiple scripts in parallel, to prevent different instances of WinSCP trying to write it at the same time.

The analyzer shows a clearly arranged tree with all SAP sessions and its scripting objects. Also it shows for each scripting object, after the selection in the tree with a single mouse click, a lot of technical details like e.g. ID, position etc.

I discovered your videos about the Scripting Tracker and SAP's ability to automate using vbscript a few weeks ago. Thank you so much!!! You have been the answer to my prayers. I've been working diligently (10hrs per day) trying to automate the VA01 sales order process ever since learning about these tools.

Hi Stefan, It's a little hard to tell if this is still an active blog, given the dates of the posts. But I have successfully used scripting tracker to run and play back AutoIT scripts (from scripting Tracker only); What I am having difficulty with is running these scripts from AutoIT, Powershell, or another tool, because the $session variable value is not included or set in the script. I am particularly needing the Python scripts to work, as I want to integrate with Robot Framework. If anyone has solved this, and can post script or links, I would appreciate it.

Scripting Tracker supports AutoIt, so you can combine activities via SAP GUI Scripting and AutoIt recorder very easily. AutoIt is a powerful scripting language and in combination with SAP GUI Scripting you can nearly do what you want.

"It's not the focus of this post, but maybe someone can help me. In a C # application using SAP Scripting, the drop-down lists are being loaded empty. So while trying to fill in any information in this field, an error is displayed preventing the script from running. Can anyone tell me what's going on?"

Thank you for releasing such a wonderful tool. Its of great help while scripting. While analyzing the SAP GUI window, i am unable to view the analysis of win[1] window . It only shows me the analysis of win[0] window. Do i need to take care of any steps to analyze the win[1] window?

Please let me know if i can get this handle id using python scripting , currently i'm able to iterate over username and system name to find the connection detail of SAP GUI before running my script (while running multiple scripts) , but would like to know if i can use this handle id to get the connection details (like '/app/con[0]/ses[0]') ???

I created a PowerShell script that I could run remotely to do this in the background, but that would require them to call me, so I could run the script in the background. Now I could just install all the printers, but that would only be confusing and resulting in a long list of printers. 041b061a72


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