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Hujan Darah Di Tanah Bambu Pdf 46

Hujan Darah Di Tanah Bambu Pdf 46

Hujan Darah Di Tanah Bambu Pdf 46 is a historical fiction novel by Indonesian author Asmaraman S. Kho Ping Hoo. The novel tells the story of the Chinese people in Indonesia during the Japanese occupation and the Indonesian revolution. The novel depicts the struggles, sacrifices, and heroism of the Chinese community in fighting for their rights and freedom.

The novel is divided into four parts, each covering a different period of history. The first part, titled "Hujan Darah" (Blood Rain), describes the brutal treatment of the Chinese by the Japanese soldiers, who massacred, tortured, and enslaved them. The second part, titled "Di Tanah Bambu" (In the Bamboo Land), portrays the life of the Chinese in the rural areas, where they faced discrimination and oppression from the native Indonesians. The third part, titled "Pemberontakan" (Rebellion), narrates the involvement of the Chinese in the Indonesian national movement, joining forces with other ethnic groups to fight against the Dutch colonialists. The fourth part, titled "Merdeka" (Freedom), depicts the aftermath of the Indonesian independence, where the Chinese faced new challenges and threats from the Islamic extremists and communist rebels.

Hujan Darah Di Tanah Bambu Pdf 46

The novel is based on historical facts and events, as well as the author's personal experiences and observations. The author also incorporated elements of martial arts, romance, and adventure in his writing style. The novel is considered one of the best works of Asmaraman S. Kho Ping Hoo, who is widely regarded as the master of silat (Indonesian martial arts) fiction. The novel has been translated into several languages, including English, Mandarin, Malay, and Thai.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can find it online in PDF format. You can also listen to it on SoundCloud, where some users have uploaded audio versions of the novel. Here are some links to access the novel:

  • [PDF version]

  • [SoundCloud version by Kim Wille]

  • [SoundCloud version by Debbie]

I hope you enjoy reading or listening to this novel. It is a historical fiction that will blow your mind.


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