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Rescuing Olivia By JM Madden

Benjamin D Gans, Angela D Neunuebel, Leah J Umbarger, Benjamin C Trumble, Daniel K Cummings, L Samuel Wann, Kyle R Lehenbauer, Ashna Mahadev, Daniel Eid Rodriguez, David E Michalik, Chris J Rowan, Caleb E Finch, M Linda Sutherland, James D Sutherland, Adel H Allam, Jonathan Stieglitz, Michael Gurven, Hillard Kaplan, Gregory S Thomas, Randall C Thompson, Tsimane Health and Life History Project and the HORUS Study Teams. High prevalence of sternal foramina in indigenous Bolivians compared to Midwest Americans and indigenous North Americans (sternal foramina in indigenous Bolivians). Anat Sci Int. 2021 Sep;96(4):517-523. 10.1007/s12565-021-00618-7

Rescuing Olivia by JM Madden

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