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Buying Gold In Guyana

The Guyana Gold Board wishes to notify the general public that as at February 29, 2020 in accordance with the Guyana Gold Board Act Chapter 66:01 Section 9 there are nine (9) licensed gold dealers authorized to act as agents of the Guyana Gold Board.

buying gold in guyana

NAMELOCATION1Mohamed's Enterprisea) 29 Lombard Street, G/Town2El Dorado Tradinga) Lot 136 Young ST Kingston, Gtownb) 63 Da Silva St. Newtown, G/townc) Port Kaituma Water Frontd) 40 Third Ave. Bartica, Essequibo Rivere) Lot 3 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast3Dinar Tradinga) 1 Lamaha and Cummings Streets, G/town4Gold Bar Development and Consulting Inc.a) Lot 0 First Avenue, Bartica5Adamantium Metals Inc.a) Lot 4/71B Water Street Kingston G/town6Pure Diamond Inc.a) 44 Duncan Street, Bel Air Park, G/townb) Lot 7 First Avenue Bartica, Essequibo River7Adolphus Mining Inc.a) Lot 25 Wallers Delight, West Coast Demerara NOTE: Customers are strongly urged to transact business only at the addresses specified for each of the licensed, authorized gold dealers. Failure to do so could subject all involved parties in such transactions to law enforcement action.

Guyana Gold Board (GGB) wishes to inform all gold miners, license gold dealers and the general public that GGB has returned to normalised business hours, effective Monday, January 3, 2022.

The purity of the gold is ascertained using the dry and water densities of the gold. Samples are also taken for testing from customer selling 10 ounces or more, where the cost of analyzing the sample is subsidized over 50% by Guyana Gold Board for testing done at Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and over 65% for analyses done at the Royal Canadian Mint. The payments are subsequently adjusted when results from such assay processes are returned to Guyana Gold Board, with the result that customers either receive additional payments where there are positive results or are required to reimburse excesses on their next sale, if the results are negative.

If Customers are not satisfied with the result of the Guyana Gold Board dry and water density test, they have the option to request that their gold is assayed, even though the gold is not of a sample quantity. It can firstly be sent to Guyana Geology and Mines Commission for testing for a small fee of four thousand, five hundred dollars ($4,500) and if they are still not satisfied when that result returns, then the sample can be sent to the Royal Canadian Mint for further testing after an additional fee of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) is paid. The results from Royal Canadian Mint would act as the final settlement, since analyses by that firm are internationally recognized.

The support received is credited to the trust established with their customers and the gold mining community and this trust is based upon the continued transparency in their relationships and adherence to their strong values and globally recognized standards.

El Dorado presently has five offices anchored around mining locations within Guyana to facilitate security and convenience for our clients. This branch network separates El Dorado Trading from other licensed gold dealers of the Guyana Gold Board, who typically have one or two offices within the city of Georgetown.

In a news release, Silvercorp Metals Inc. (SVM:TSX; SVM:NYSE) and Guyana Goldfields Inc. (GUY:TSX) announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Silvercorp Metals will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Guyana Goldfields by way of a plan of arrangement under the Canada Business Corporations Act. The firms stated that "the transaction will create a diversified precious metals producer with two profitable underground silver mining operations in China and a gold mining operation in Guyana with a strong balance sheet to fund growth opportunities."

Silvercorp believes that its strong balance sheet and robust cash flow profile will provide the necessary capital to develop the Aurora Underground project and pursue further potential M&A opportunities and that the combined entity would have an attractive growth pipeline that includes the BYP gold project in China and the Aurora Underground project in Guyana.

Silvercorp Metals' CEO Rui Feng commented, "This transaction will create a new globally diversified precious metals producer with the addition of Aurora to our growing asset portfolio. We believe this is a rare opportunity to leverage our underground mining expertise and strong balance sheet to unlock value for all shareholders through the development of the Aurora Underground project as well as aggressive exploration programs in a proven gold district."

FORMER Member of Parliament Charrandass Persaud has admitted to advancing discussions on the purchase of US$1M in gold. The embattled lawyer who was recalled from the Parliament of Guyana after voting with the opposition to bring down his government, made the admission during a town hall meeting in Queens, New York on Saturday. His admission comes at a time when he is being investigated by the Guyana Police Force in an alleged case of bribery and possible money laundering.

The Jewelry Buyers of Vienna website is dedicated to explaining the jewelry buying services of our business. We explain how we buy vintage and estate fine and fashion jewelry, detail our personalized and private consultation process, and educate sellers on the worth of their jewelry.

There are many buyers who use the pennyweight unit of measurement to make it seem like you are being paid more when in fact that may not be the case. For example, you would be better selling gold to a buyer who is willing to pay $20 per gram as opposed to $25 per pennyweight. Since the gram price would actually net you $622 per troy ounce verses $500 per troy ounce of precious metal.

Because most people are familiar with grams and not pennyweights, we weigh your gold and silver in grams and base our offer on the price per gram. We feel this is the best and most straightforward way to conduct business.

One of the main health issues is that to, afterward, separate the gold from the mercury the nugget is heated with fire which causes the mercury to evaporate and its this fume that is so harmful to the human body.

The nugget melts and the mercury fumes exit through the narrow tube down into that cup of water. The gold remains in the receptacle. No open fumes, no health issues. Just a bit of mercury in cold water that can be reused. The damage is minimal.

Thompson disclosed that the GGB decided to dispatch its own representatives to buy gold directly from miners because in many instances, it is too expensive for several miners to travel to Georgetown or Bartica to sell gold. She said a number of miners are also keen on selling their gold to the Board.

The Guyana Gold Board has been moving to maximise its gold purchases instead of depending to some extent on private gold dealers, a number of whom the Guyana government had said had not been fully repatriating their foreign currency earnings into the Guyanese economy and causing a shortage of foreign currency and a further decline in the value of the Guyana dollar.

Abstract:A three-phase, 11-day training program designed to monitor elemental mercury (Hg0) emissions originating from gold shops was conducted in Georgetown and Bartica, Guyana, during May of 2019. The first phase consisted of interactive lectures and discussions on mercury use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining throughout Guyana, the region, and the world. In addition, specific training in the theory and use of analytical instrumentation to quantify Hg0 pollution associated with the processing of amalgams and sponge gold occurred. Trainees participated in the mapping of smelting facilities in Georgetown where, outside of one gold shop, Hg0 concentrations exceeded 100,000 ng/m3. During the second phase of training, a subset of trainees traveled to Bartica, where they mapped the town center to identify point sources of Hg0 pollution, all of which corresponded to the location of shops where amalgams and sponge gold were heated and purchased. Once mapped, Hg0 concentrations were measured during the smelting of gold inside the Guyana Gold Board (GGB) facility and two privately-owned gold shops. Maximum Hg0 concentrations at the GGB facility did not exceed 98,700 ng/m3 during the measurement period, while maximum concentrations at the two privately owned shops were measured as 527,500 ng/m3 and 302,200 ng/m3. With guidance from the training team, trainees were responsible for the collection and interpretation of all data. The third phase of the training involved the collaborative production of a report summarizing the findings from the training. This work represents the first formal training opportunity for the assessment of Hg0 concentrations in and around gold shops in Guyana, and provides baseline data to assist the government of Guyana to generate air quality standards for Hg0 emissions.Keywords: mercury; artisanal and small-scale gold mining; amalgam; Minamata Convention on Mercury; gold shop 041b061a72


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