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Onion services administrators who want to add an extra layer of security to their website can now set a pair of keys for access control and authentication. Tor Browser users can save keys and manage them via about:preferences#privacy in the Onion Services Authentication section.

Antonela Extra 1.mp4

When did you re-allow enterprise policies? Does this mean this is now safe to use?Why is canvas blocking only temporarily possible?, e.g., is always (after a Tor restart) able to extract canvas data on loading. Why does browserleaks report that im apparently using all sorts of adblock filters like fanboy etc. when actually im not subscribing to anything?

Kotsovinos et al. [26] investigated the fire dynamics of large compartments. The test CodeRed #01 was carried out inside a large open-plan compartment with a floor area of 352 m2. The compartment had a fully exposed CLT ceiling and GLT columns. Previously, the research team had already carried out two comparable tests in non-combustible compartments [27, 28]. In a first comparison, the research team concluded that the CLT ceiling impacts the total HRR substantially, nearly doubling the peak HRR from 69 MW [27] and 58 MW [28] to 121 MW [26]. This extra HRR impacts the amount of external flaming. External flames were observed 6 min after ignition of roughly 2.5 to 3 m in height. An initial visual comparison showed an increase in flame lengths due to the presence of exposed timber surfaces. Figure 4 shows the heat flux on the façade for the door and window opening [26]. 041b061a72


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