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Columbia Bench Vise Parts

Back to the topic at hand. This new Shop Fox Parrot Vise works just the same as the originals and is a bit better from the standpoint of fit and finish. This medium duty bench vise rotates a full 360 degrees and the rotation locks as you tighten the jaws, meaning that the vise itself aligns to the work piece as you clamp it up. I just can't overstate how convenient and fast it is to use!

columbia bench vise parts


Flipped to the sideways mount, the vise hold a neck or whole instrument vertically with ease. If I'm working with raw wood, metal or plastic items, I may take the jaw protectors out, or I might use them backward with the wood faces against the work. Notice that I mount the vise right at the front edge of the bench to get good clearance. 041b061a72


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