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Teen Wolf - Season 4

The fourth season of Teen Wolf, an American supernatural drama created by Jeff Davis, premiered on June 23, 2014.[1] The series was renewed for a fourth season of 12 episodes on October 12, 2013.

Teen Wolf - Season 4

Two months after the end of Season 3 and still healing from tragic losses (Allison, Boyd, Erica and Aiden), Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden) and Kira (Arden Cho) return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia (Shelley Hennig), integrate back into society. But Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as the Benefactor. Scott must also uphold the responsibility of his first Beta werewolf, Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry).[2]

A fourth season of 12 episodes was confirmed and premiered on June 23, 2014, on MTV.[1] Filming began in February 2014.[15]Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman did not return, making this the first season of the show not to star Reed and the first since season two not to star Sharman.[16] Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) confirmed on Wolf Watch that she will be appearing more this season after her character made a surprise appearance in the season 3 finale.

New cast additions include Meagan Tandy as Braeden (who only appeared in 2 episodes of season 3),[17] Dylan Sprayberry as "Liam",[18] Khylin Rambo as Mason "an out-and-proud athlete" and Mason Dye as Garrett.[19] In addition to this, Dylan O'Brien and Jeff Davis confirmed in interviews that Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) and Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) would be regulars this season and join the pack.[20]

On July 14, 2014, during the original airing of the fourth episode of the season, there was an audio failure in one of the scenes. MTV posted the scene, with the proper audio, on its official Facebook account the following day.[21]

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 67% and an average rating of 4.98/10 for the fourth season, based on 12 reviews. The website's critics consensus reads, "Teen Wolf's fourth season refreshingly seeks to mix things up but feels less confident than its predecessors, giving viewers reason to fear that this series may already be long in the tooth."[22]

Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf aired on Monday June 23, 2014. The Dark Moon had an estimated 2.184 million viewers. Overall, this was the least watched season of the series. This season of Teen Wolf was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The fourth season received an order of twelve episodes. They began filming in January 2014 and finished in July.

Two months after the end of Season 3 and still healing from tragic losses (the deaths of Allison Argent, Vernon Boyd, Erica Reyes, and Aiden Steiner, along with Isaac Lahey, who has moved to France), Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), and Kira (Arden Cho) return to a new semester of school with more human worries than supernatural, while also trying to help their new friend, Malia (Shelley Hennig), integrate back into society. But Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) surprising resurrection brings a new threat to Beacon Hills along with the emergence of another mysterious enemy known simply as The Benefactor. Scott must also uphold the responsibility of his first Beta Werewolf, Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry).

If you've been with Teen Wolf from the beginning (the 21st century MTV beginning, not the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie beginning) then you know that being a fan means preparing to face just as many twists and turns as an actual teen wolf and/or teen-wolf-adjacent human/kitsune/banshee/were-coyote/etc. would. Beloved characters are ripped away in the most tragic ways possible, complicated narratives and backstories weave together to create intricate plotlines, new supernatural creatures are introduced all the time, and more, making a Teen Wolf Season 4 recap absolutely necessary before embarking on a whole new journey through Beacon Hills.

In fan fiction come to life, the fourth season began with the whole pack (now including Scott's semi-girlfriend and kitsune, Kira, and Stiles' probably-girlfriend and were-coyote, Malia) heading to Mexico to find Derek, who they assumed was taken by the Calaveras hunters. But when they discovered him in the tombs of "La Iglesia," they found a de-aged, teenage Derek Hale. And it wasn't the Calaveras who sent him back to tenth grade...

It was Kate Argent, back for the first time since Peter ripped out her throat, presumably killing her in Season 2. Instead, her near-death contact with Peter transformed her into a were-jaguar and after escaping the Calaveras, she somehow mastered the process of making berserkers, the bone-clad soldiers who accompany her for the rest of the season. In de-aging Derek, she hoped to bring him back to a point in his life when he still trusted her so that he could use his family's traditions, hidden in the Hale family vault (beneath the high school, of course) to help her master her shift.

Kidding! When Scott thought he had a safe moment without someone trying to kill his True Alpha ass for $20 million, he took Kira on date to Derek's apartment, but while they were getting steamy, Kate busted in with her berserkers and took them back to La Iglesia in Mexico. There, her plan was finally revealed: To turn Scott into a berserker so that Peter would have to kill him, and get the added bonus of jacking all his Alpha powers. But Scott isn't just any Alpha... when the rest of the pack got there and discovered that Scott has, indeed, been turned into a murderous berserker, little Beta Liam finally came in handy, using his special bond to trigger Scott's True Alpha powers. He busted right out of those bones, the Calaveras and Chris Argent arrived with reinforcements, and full-transformation-wolf-Derek took out Kate's berserkers. Kate, however, was shot with a wolfsbane bullet by her brother, but still manages to escape to the tunnels of La Iglesia.

That made it seem like everything was tidily tied up with a bloody bow. Not so much... there' still Peter, who was sent to what appears to be a supernatural wing of Eichen House. That's where we find a patient named Dr. Valack who has a third eye that previously in the season sent Dr. Deaton into a coma when he looked into it, and causes Peter to try to run for the hills when he takes a gander. There's also the question of the Desert Wolf, Malia's mom that Peter has been going on and on about, whose real identity is unknown. Deputy Parrish is definitely supernatural, but we still don't technically know what he is. And we still don't know if the McCall pack will ever be rid of Kate Argent!

No, we haven't stopped thinking about Teen Wolf's mindblowing season three finale, arguably the MTV hit's best episode yet, since Monday night. Come on, not only did another fan favorite die (Sniff!), but we got answers, a lot of them! The Nogitsune was defeated, ending this season's Kitsune mythology, a villain was resurrected (Hi, Aunt Kate!) and, perhaps the most awesome reveal of all, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) was in the know about the town's supernatural happenings this whole time!

But where do we go from here? We chatted with executive producer Jeff Davis about season four's upcoming mini-time jump, which will give characters time to mourn, but not forget, Allison's (Crystal Reed) heartbreaking death in the penultimate episode, and how the show plans to top Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) in the villain department. Plus, he revealed who's missing in the beginning of the season...

We think a character fans know and love, like Stiles, always make for the best villains. Are you at all nervous about trying to top that in season four? Do you feel pressure because Void Stiles worked so well? Absolutely we feel pressure. I guess we're not so concerned about topping ourselves as doing something different. That's the best thing we can do, is to just tell an entertaining story again. We have a new central mystery this season and this season we're doing something different in we're not introducing a whole new mythology. We're basing this mystery in something very personal actually, something that hits at the heart of all our main characters, Scott, Stiles and Lydia, and Derek, especially. This is going to be a big season for Derek. I think people are going to be surprised.

And season four is starting off international, with the gang in Mexico. Sadly, we assume it's not for Spring Break. I will tell you who they're in search of though. It's a mission to find and save Derek.

We need to talk about that scene, which was amazing. We don't think we've ever seen that on a teen supernatural show, where a peripheral character has secretly been in the know the entire time. "Dude, It's Beacon Hills" may be our new favorite line. We had debated it a long time in the writers' room and everyone knows I'm a huge fan of The Lost Boys and it is a nod to the grandfather at the end saying, "The thing I always hated about Santa Clara, all the damn vampires." And I just think it makes him smart, I think it's a cool thing to realize he was always in the know and it was just something he never got involved with. This kid was just trying to live his life and not get hacked into pieces like everyone else. [Laughs.]

Obviously, the finale jumped right into the action following Allison's death. What impact will her death have in the beginning of season four? Will there be a time jump to give the characters some time to mourn?There's a two-month time jump and you definitely see the repercussion it has on all the characters. The big issue we talk about in the writers' room is how much we can really see of that. You write a TV show and you want it to be entertaining, but if you show too much of them mourning a death, the show gets less entertaining. You have to stick with the genre conventions and we set out to do a fun, horror show. 041b061a72


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