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Mother Of Tears(2007)

At the priest's home, Sarah meets Marta, a fellow white witch and friend of Sarah's deceased mother. Realizing that Sarah's mother is the voice guiding her, Marta reveals details to Sarah about her parents. Her mother was a powerful white witch who dared to challenge and severely wound Mater Suspiriorum, the eldest and wisest of the Three Mothers. In response to this, Suspiriorum caused the fatal car crash that killed Sarah's parents. Though Mater Suspiriorum and her sister Mater Tenebrarum are now dead, their sibling Mater Lachrymarum has emerged from the shadows to bring about the second age of magic, with the fall of Rome as her coming-out party. They talk to the priest, only for him to be killed by one of his patients before he can give the two a copy of a book that would explain Mater Lachrymarum's backstory.

Mother of Tears(2007)

Escaping back to the city, Sarah goes to her own home but finds Mater Lachrymarum's goons waiting for her. She heads to Marta's house, but once again Mater Lachrymarum's minions strike and Marta and her lesbian lover are murdered. Fleeing, Sarah spots Michael, who takes her back to his apartment. Unfortunately, Sarah soon realizes that Michael is dead and that Mater Lachrymarum is animating his body in an attempt to kill her. As she burns her lover's still-animate body, the ghost of her mother intervenes one final time to grab Michael and banish him (and possibly herself) to Hell.

A chest is unearthed after being buried for hundreds of years. This is sent to Michael (played rather well by Adam James) in Rome, who just happens to be working with a student from America, Sarah Mandy (Argento), who just happens to have been orphaned by one of the previous mothers. Oh, she also happens to have some latent psychic powers, making her the only person that could stop Mater Lachrymarum when she steals a magic tunic from the chest.

Workers excavating outside of a cemetery in Viterbo, a town near Rome, unearth an urn chained to the coffin of a medieval knight. The urn is sent to an art museum, where student Sarah Mandy and a friend decide to open it. This reveals a tunic belonging to a centuries old and long dormant witch known as Mater Lachrymarum, the Mother of Tears. The artifact restores the Mother's powers, bringing about a wave of murders, suicides and vandalism. As witches from all over the world flock to Mater Lachrymarum's side to witness the second fall of Rome, Sarah learns that her mother was a white witch, and that she herself may be the only one capable of stopping Lachrymarum's evil reign.

  • This film provides examples of: Call-Back: The history of The Three Mothers is discussed. Suzy Banyon is mentioned, and a copy of Varelli's book from the second film appears.

  • The Chosen One: Sarah, by virtue of being one of the last white witches around. Not that it does her a lot of good.

  • Death of a Child: At least three times. A mother throws her baby off a bridge for no discernable reason (though narm in the form of a Special Effects Failure keeps it from being too brutal). A posessed woman chops her toddler in half with a kitchen knife, and Michael's son is kidnapped and never heard from again, though arguably the body being eaten by the witches late in the film is his.

  • Fanservice: The title character spends most of the film either bottomless or completely naked. Also, the lesbian sex scene.

  • Gutted Like a Fish: Giselle has her belly slit open and is then strangled to death with her own intestines.

  • Informed Attribute: Sarah had no idea that her mother was a witch, or that she herself had any dormant powers. Apart from going invisible a couple of times, said powers serve no purpose whatsoever.

  • Kensington Gore: Sadly averted in favor of more modern effects.

  • Noodle Implements: An urn contains artifacts sacred to the Mother of Tears, but except for her tunic, they're forgotten about immediately after the first murder.

  • Papa Wolf: Michael, who goes after the witches on his own when his son is kidnapped. He fails.

  • Thematic Series: This is the final part of the Three Mothers Trilogy, which includes Susperia and Inferno.



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