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Where Do You Buy Hess Trucks

What happens to the toy trucks? If you collect the popular Hess-branded trucks during the holidays, don't panic. Hess is continuing on as a gasoline company, and the company says will continue to sell the toy trucks. They'll be available this year at the Hess/Speedway stores, and available online after that.

where do you buy hess trucks

In support of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation's 75th Anniversary, Hess Corporation and its customers are joining forces to brighten the holidays for thousands of children in need. For each toy truck a customer donates to Toys for Tots at, Hess will match it with an additional toy truck donation up to a combined total of 75,000 toys. Over a 15-year partnership with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Hess has donated over 1 million toy trucks.

Additionally, Hess will continue its educational giving program, providing approximately 20,000 toy trucks to classrooms nationwide with the newest edition of a STEM curriculum guide which provides lessons featuring the 2022 toy as a STEM learning tool. Teachers can apply for a free set of 12 toy trucks and download the guide at

In 1933, recent high school graduate Leon Hess purchased a used oil delivery truck and began his own business delivering fuel to homes in Asbury Park, N.J. By 1964, he had a burgeoning empire of gas stations to his name. That winter, Hess wanted to offer his customers a gift as a sign of goodwill. He starting selling toy trucks at Hess gas stations that would be both affordable and suitable for kids of all ages.

We have been buying the Hess trucks for our grandsons every Christmas since they were born. Michael is 19 and Nathan is 16 and they look forward to getting them every year. That is the one gift the parents allow them to open Christmas Eve.

I love your trucks planes tankers etc. etc. they are a special part of Christmas Hear In America is it possible to purchase older models of your Christmas trucks etc. do you keep a stock? I would love to purchase some of the additions that I missed over the years I want to miss wish you a very happy holidayThank you Carol Nielson

I have been buying Hess trucks for years !I am the mother pf six children the youngest being a boy. I was so happy to buy a truck that first christmas instead of a doll. I now have seven grandsons and they all received hess trucks and I am still buying them !

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Few Hess collectors hold the expertise of Ray Patterson, a longtime collector who has been selling Hess trucks online for more than 25 years. His website, Ray's Hess Toy Trucks, includes detailed descriptions of each annual model and rare special editions.

Source/hesstoytruck.comThe 1971 Hess Toy Fire Truck, a repeat from a year earlier, is a finely-detailed replica of a fire engine from the old Port Reading Refinery. But it is the box that can make it extremely valuable.

Hess Toy Trucks have been sold at gas stations during the holidays since 1964. But last year, the New York City-based Hess Corporation, which drills for oil and natural gas, sold its retail gas stations to Marathon Petroleum. This year, the company is selling the toys online at and at 10 shopping malls beginning Nov. 12 in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Hess said its toy trucks are one of the longest running toy brands on the market. Through the years, the Hess toys have come in various forms, including tractors, helicopters, race cars, space shuttles and motorcycles.

Since their introduction in 1964, Hess toy trucks have been sold to the public as a token of appreciation from Hess Corporation. These collectible items are usually sold a week or two before Thanksgiving; therefore, if you've seen very large lines of customers at Hess gas stations in weeks leading to Thanksgiving, it's probably due to the shopping frenzy of Hess toy trucks. If you don't want to wait, eBay offers a variety of used Hess trucks for sale. 041b061a72


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