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Where To Buy Smittybilt Winch

The new Smittybilt XRC 8 Winch encompasses all the best features you would want in a winch. Every XRC 8 (8,000 LB.) winch features a 5.5HP Series Wound Motor and a Planetary Gear System with 172.8:1 gear ratio that will deliver power and reliability at a premium price. For a recovery system with the muscle and dependability to bail you out of any situation, the XRC 8 has all the heavy duty toughness you're looking for.

where to buy smittybilt winch

If Smittybilt is a brand you prefer, but the price tag is a tad high, check out the XRC winch line. With a similar sized motor and all the thoughtful details Smittybilt offers in their other winches, the GEN 2 XRC has most of the features at a lower cost. One of the big differences is a reduced guarantee, with this winch having a three-year warranty on electrical parts. The Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC includes a four-roller fairlead and a solid hook, with one reviewer noting the thoughtful features like a magnet in the remote to help you keep track of it. Like the other winches, this one has both wireless and wired remotes. A couple of reviewers mentioned that, when free-spooling cable, this winch can require a bit of work to pull the cable out.

The Pismire offers a 7.2-horsepower motor, with 100 feet of nylon rope guided by two wireless remotes and one wired remote. Unlike other winches, the Pismire features an extra waterproof cloth cover to help protect the winch when not in use. Generally, most reviewers were happy with the cost of the winch, given the value it offers. One user noted that the rope broke earlier than expected, however.

With a one-year warranty on electric parts, the Pismire has a sufficient guarantee to check out the quality. The manufacturer cautions that installing incorrectly can damage the motor, so be careful when connecting the winch to your vehicle. Thankfully, most reviewers reported that installation was easy.

This week we will be taking a look at several rigs that are either running a WARN or Smittybilt winch for their recovery needs. These two brands are commonly recommended winches in the off-road/overland community. With that being said, we asked each owner for some details about their specific setup and also what they enjoy most about their winch choice to help with your future purchase.

If you plan to take your Toyota Tacoma off-road, it is good practice to ensure you are as prepared as possible. This includes all of the recovery gear essentials and equipment necessary to get out of unavoidable situations that you may get your truck into. Yes, recovery boards and a shovel can get you out of trouble in most cases, but a solid winch is a must-have tool, especially if you are solo off-roading.

There are a variety of winch brands out on the market currently, all with different features and prices. WARN and Smittybilt are usually the go-to brands that truck owners gravitate towards. Below, you will find those two brands but in several models and price ranges depending on budget.

I chose to go with WARN Industries due to its reputation and durability in the off-road community. The 2-in-1 plugin or wireless remote makes the operation of this winch smooth as silk. The control packs can also be relocated for a low-profile install. Plus, the 7-year warranty on the electrical and their customer service is top notch!

I chose this winch because it was budget friendly. I never really needed a winch but got one for the piece of mind. The steel cable was switched out for synthetic rope due to it being safer if I needed to use it. I also added a Factor 55 winch shackle so that I can easily attach a D-Ring.

I chose this winch solely for its intended purpose, which is to get me and also others out of sketchy situations. This winch has done very well for me ever since installation. My favorite part of my setup has to be my 4 Wheel Parts front bumper. This bumper has a great base for my winch which made installation a breeze!

Faster. Stronger. Easiest to Use. The all-new XRC Gen3 Winch by Smittybilt has been designed from the ground up with innovative, user-friendly features and improved power efficiency. The 7.0 horsepower motor boasts an average line speed increase of 12% over its Gen2 predecessor, adding more speed and power with less AMP draw at load. The ergonomic remote controller has a Load Indicator Warning System, so you will always know how much your equipment can handle. Winching in dark conditions is also a breeze with the remote's built-in flashlight. If additional light is needed, a 12-volt power post is located on the control box. Two magnets are built into the controller for easy placement on any metal surface, leaving it out of the way when not needed. A high-viz clutch lever features large lettering, allowing you to see whether your winch is engaged/free spooled at a glance. Stylish body armor can be detached or used to customize your winch to your vehicle. The XRC Gen3 winch is available with 9.5k and 12k load-capacity options, and the COMP Series upgrade includes a synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead. Buy with confidence these winches are backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty, a 5-year electrical warranty, and Smittybilt's legendary customer service.Off-roading requires a lot of essential gear, but no riders worth their salt dare venture into the great outdoors without a winch. A powerful, superior-quality winch can make the difference between getting out of a jam and being stuck in a rut for hours. 4 Wheel Parts offers a large selection of electric recovery winches, including top-rated models like the Smittybilt 98695. When your off-road adventures throw unexpected curveballs, be ready to handle them with the Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K. Save time and money with 4WP's everyday low prices and direct shipping to your home or office.Fast, Strong and Reliable RecoveryHighly rated by off-roaders like you, the XRC Gen3 9.5K Comp series is one of the strongest winches in the industry and offers dependable recovery with more speed and power than previous editions. The XRC Gen3 9.5K packs a formidable 7.0 horsepower motor, boosting average line speed to 12% faster than the Gen2. With less AMP draw at load, the motor delivers efficient dependable power for all your recovery tasks.The Gen3 9.5K includes other key features to make recovery safer and simpler. With the ergonomic remote controller's Load Indicator Warning System, you can monitor how much load is safe for your equipment. A remote built-in flashlight and new tie-bar light improve your visibility in low lighting conditions. Need more illumination? The Gen3 can accommodate more light, thanks to the 12-volt power post on the control box. When you need more recovery capabilities, choose the upgraded Smittybilt XRC Gen3 9.5K Comp series winch with synthetic cable and additional aluminum hawse fairlead. Your new winch is backed by Smittybilt's lifetime mechanical warranty and a five-year electrical warranty.

I placed the winch on the winch plate to test fit how everything would fit. I quickly noticed that the clutch release lever is on the top of the case, and while that might work for a lot of applications, my grille will be covering this area up and it would be quite difficult to reach it. My bumper has an access hole on the lower side to reach the clutch release, so I had to clock the clutch release housing 180 degrees to get that easy access.

Placing the winch back on the bench, I took out all the bolts holding the outside part of the case together. This allowed the case to simply rotate and be in the position I required. With the clutch release lever clocked, the winch can now be mounted to the winch plate with the four provided bolts.

Wiring the winch is probably the easiest part of the install. All the wires are clearly marked on both the terminals and the wires. Simply attach the cables from the solenoid to the winch, and the positive and negative cables go directly to the battery.

The worse thing for a winch is letting it sit for excessive amounts of time unused. It is recommended to pull the winch cable out all the way (except for the last 10 wraps) and pull it back in under tension at least once a month. This will keep the internals lubricated and you will know that it is ready for use when you need it.

Every XRC 8 (8,000 LB.) winch features a 5.5HP Series Wound Motor and a Planetary Gear System with 172.8:1 gear ratio that will deliver power and reliability at a premium price. For a recovery system with the muscle and dependability to bail you out of any situation, the XRC 8 has all the heavy duty toughness you're looking for.

The new Gen2 series of Smittybilt X2O and XRC winches have been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance. The new 6.6HP amphibious motor offers the highest torque in the industry and is connected to a 3-stage Planetary Gear System for increased pulling power and line speed. The X20 Series features an all new integrated wireless remote control for ease of use and maximum versatility.

If you're after a winch with the ultimate in pulling power, look to the X20 COMP Series and XRC COMP Series. Both COMP Series winches feature a Competition Aluminum Fairlead and a state-of-the-art synthetic rope. The top-of-the-line X20 COMP also features Smittybilt's exclusive Dynamic Braking System which reduces drum temperatures by 66% and makes it perfectly suited to operate all types of synthetic ropes.

Attaching a winch to your vehicle just got easier with Smittybilt's new Winch Cradle. This heavy duty unit gives you a variety of mounting options for front or rear installation because it works with any 2" receiver hitch. Its designed to accommodate most winches and includes a mounting plate for your roller fairlead. The Smittybilt Winch Cradle is constructed from thick 3/16" and 1/4" cold rolled steel and is finished in a durable two stage satin black finish for maximum durability. 041b061a72


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