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[S4E9] Sleeping Dogs

Not counting debatable sleeping scenes, Lumpy and Snifflesare tied at the most ever; each is seen sleeping four times.Flippy is also seen sleeping four times if the two instancesin Double Whammy Part I are counted separately.

[S4E9] Sleeping Dogs

Ennoshita soon finds Kageyama preparing to go out for a run and Hinata requests to go as well from not having gotten as much exercise as he wanted during the day. Ennoshita quickly tries to stop the two from leaving but quickly realizes the two may later have trouble sleeping if they are too restless. Spotting Tsukishima, Ennoshita turns to the middle blocker only for the first year to right away refuse anything before Ennoshita can speak, knowing the second year was going to ask him to accompany the two. Ennoshita points out that he has noticed Tsukishima being a little restless as well and Tsukishima counters with the statement that there would be no chance of him being able to keep up with Hinata and Kageyama. Ennoshita quickly finds a solution by having Tsukishima ride on a bicycle borrowed from the inn owner. Tsukishima makes it clear to Hinata and Kageyama that he will decide when they return to the inn and will have no problem leaving them somewhere with minimal public transportation to find their own way back if they try to stay out longer. 041b061a72


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