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[S5E7] Wild Wild West Coast: Part 1 [WORK]

Notes: This is the second special episode where the theme is bringing in contestants from four different parts of the United States (south, midwest, east coast, and west coast). For winning the third round culinary quiz, Josh's advantage was one extra ingredient.

[S5E7] Wild Wild West Coast: Part 1

Dodge Junction, sometimes called Dodge City, is an old-western town introduced in the episode The Last Roundup. Like Appleloosa, the town consists mostly of desert but capable of growing cherry trees. The town's name is a reference to Dodge City, Kansas, a town famous in the United States for its role in the wild frontier of the Old West.

Mentioned in the episode Games Ponies Play by Ms. Peachbottom. In the episode, she tells Shining Armor that she is "just an ordinary wild mustang from Mustangia". The name 'Mustangia' is a play on the word 'mustang', a breed of wild horses.

In November 2012, MTV2 announced that the series would be returning after a six-year hiatus. Cannon looked for the highest and the lowest for new comedy superstars to be apart of the new cast with some cast members from the previous seasons returning. There was also a special clip show called "Wild 'N Out: Wildest Moments" to promote the fifth season and as a look back at the previous four seasons of the show. Nick also moved the show to MTV2 because he felt the show wasn't suitable for MTV anymore.

Isaac Hoskins' honky-tonker "Off the Wagon" soundtracks a wild bar brawl in episode three of the fifth season. The song is from Hoskins' recently released album Bender.

Brucellosis is a nonnative, bacterial disease that induces abortions in pregnant cattle, elk, and bison. Cattle brought brucellosis to the Yellowstone area in the early 1900s and transmitted it to local wildlife populations. The bacteria that causes the disease, Brucella abortus, can be transmitted between animals if they come into contact with infected birth tissues. While brucellosis has not had a substantial effect on wildlife populations, it poses a financial risk to ranchers because it can reduce the reproductive rate and marketability of their animals. Billions of dollars have been spent to eradicate brucellosis from cattle in this country. In the United States, Brucella abortus only persists in the bison and elk populations of the Greater Yellowstone Area. 041b061a72


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