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Gordon Ruan, Gaurav Goyal, Jithma P. Abeykoon, N. Nora Bennani, Karen Rech, Jason Young, Mithun Vinod Shah, Ronald S. Go; Low-Dose BRAF-Inhibitors in the Treatment of Histiocytic Disorders with the BRAF-V600E Mutation. Blood 2019; 134 (Supplement_1): 5895. doi: -2019-124891


2. You have a table with order data and wish to determine the number of unique orders. The same order can appear in multiple rows. What calculation should be used?Row_IDOrder_IDCustomer_Name32298CA-2012-124891Rick Hansen26341IN-2013-77878Justin Ritter25330IN-2013-71249Craig Reiter13524ES-2013-1579342Katherine Murray47221SG-2013-4320Rick Hansen22732IN-2013-42360Jim Mitchum30570IN-2011-81826Toby Swindell31192IN-2012-86369Mick Brown

TRIANZ DIGITAL CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED's unique Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U72900KA2019FTC124891 and its registration number is 124891. It is registered at RoC-Bangalore. 041b061a72


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